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I'm doing a daily check-in with my students.

Today I asked them to share a pun with the class.

No regrets.

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Me: Should I edit my bio to include my real name?

*looks at instance name*

Me: Ah. Yes. That'll do.

My grandfather was in the Army in WWII. He was part of one of the beach landing waves in Europe.

He has literally fought the original Nazis.

He didn't go through all of that so that so that his children could support fascism.

You don't need to be Mr. Rogers, few people can be.

Just be sure to make the right people angry.

My phone's chime is far too happy a sound for the news it has heralded.

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Thank you @Downes for letting me know about @crossposter.

I now have fewer reasons to feel compelled to check Twitter.

I'm not saying Woot has inherently bad offers. I'm still happy with my refurbished HP that I got for @ $1k roughly 3 years ago.

I like buying used/refurbished because it cuts down on e-waste, if only slightly, and Woot as a company hasn't burned me yet. I cannot say the same for some other sellers.

But then again, that's a very different pricing bracket and the HP is used for different things. So far, when it comes to @ $200 laptops, I haven't seen better than a PineBook.

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I am amused that Woot has an "open box clearance" computer for over $200 that has roughly the same specs as the PineBook Pro, except it's running Windows 10 S.

So you're saying I can pay more for a computer locked down to do less that is also an "open box" sale...



So how long before the inevitable acquittal?

Because if it took a city on fire to spur an arrest, you know they aren't going to work hard towards a conviction.

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I understand you may not have the spoons to deal with this right now, but as a white person, it is vital to learn that you cannot force every space to cater to you specifically at all times. This is what whiteness *is*.

Instead, consider extracting yourself from spaces you cannot handle in this moment and understanding it is not always about you. The future will require us to be understanding and cooperative with sometimes conflicting needs.

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I'm white, perhaps like you.

If you're white too, and upset that people are not CWing toots about the protests happening in the US right now, I have a few options that may appeal to you:

a) Filter the words "Floyd," "protest," "Minnesota," and "Minneapolis."
b) Mute or block users that are not CWing toots.
c) Log off for once in your life.

Regardless of which option you choose, be aware that this kind of tone-policing reinforces the status quo of white power in public spaces.

People in my replies: Don't make me tap the original toot again.

I did not write it with ambiguity in mind.

I did not write it with exceptions in mind.

I see your "Yeah, but," and raise you a "You stopped listening right before it sank in."

Do what I'm doing.

Listen more. Make fewer excuses.

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"The bunnies will continue until morale improves" is the most uplifting thing I've read today.

I added the "I will not be taking questions at this time." line for a reason.

I'm an educator, but this isn't my field of expertise. It never will be, because of the privilege I was born into.

Go listen to the experts. There are enough of them, if you look.

It's how I'm learning.

I still need to listen more.

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I will not be taking questions at this time.

Thank you. I now yield the floor back to more knowledgeable people than myself.

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*taps mic*


Fellow white people, thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

Racism can only come from someone in a position of power. For so-called reverse racism to exist, a marginalized group, a group that repeatedly has its rights, including right to life, violated, must somehow be in control.

So shut up about how sometimes we have a little less privilege than we've been used to, OK? That's not oppression, that's the scales beginning to tip towards the right direction for a change.

I Didn’t Plant These

They're growing out of a disused flower bed. The tallest one is almost 2 feet tall.

I'm OK with this.

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time to distribute the :blobpats: and go to bed


Hey, hey, hey — don't be mean. We don't have to be mean. No matter where you :blobpats: , there you :blobpats:

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