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If you're wondering why I've started using hashtags on here in spite of them not working too great over federation, it's for two reasons:

1. It's an easy way for me to organize my own toots. Hashtags work just fine when not crossing instance boundaries, and I can find all of my education news toots with a single click now.

2. My crossposter used to post all of my public toots onto my nearly abandoned Twitter account, but today I narrowed it down to a handful of hashtags.

This may change.

So apparently there's a way to look at the source code of a Google Form set up to be a self-grading quiz and un-obfuscate which answers are the correct ones.

It means self-grading quizzes need to be done in a different way, but I'm more interested in thinking about how students are sharing this information with others and learning to parse coding from their peers.

I love that.


Today is one of those days where I teach fewer classes so I can get more of the behind-the-scenes work done.

But that means I have to do more of the behind-the-scenes work.

I'd rather be teaching.

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🌱🌹🌿🌱🌿🌱🌻 🌱☘
🌱🌻 🌱🌼🌱🌺🌱💐🌱

FYI thrift stores are great for finding cheap monitors. My favorite used monitor cost me $15 and it's new enough to have HDMI in so I can use it with my Raspberry Pi.

And yeah you can bet I'll be using it when I'm running D&D games.

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Proud owner of a Display Port to VGA cable, so now I can connect an old monitor to my computer.

Resolution's smaller than my other two monitors, but teaching a live class requires so much real estate if I'm expected to keep an eye on student faces while teaching while also looking at chat, the waiting room, my presentation, my notes, etc. etc. etc.

Currently using it to watch Adam Savage's YouTube channel.

I have not yet seen my first class of the day and grading has used up most of my spoons already.

Most of the projects scored really well, it's just that the process of scoring is tedious.

Cat: *Claws at my arm while I attempt to work.*

Me: *Swivels in chair to look at cat."

Cat: *Moves just out of reach and sits down, looking back at me.*

... I guess he just wanted me to gaze upon his majesty. :sockethead:

Big shout-out to all the senders of spam for being the only people I know who put emoji in their subject lines, thus making it very easy for me to visually spot any spam of theirs that makes it past my filter.

Was cold enough last night that some of my windows fogged up. Was still warm enough inside that I had to sleep with a fan on, but we're getting closer to that time of the year.

That's right: Hoodies and sweaters.

Today was a day full of reaffirming hope in the next few generations.

But also it started with a staff meeting at 8:15 am and ended with a Back To School Night that ran long until almost 8 pm.

‘We were shocked’: RAND study uncovers massive income shift to the top 1%

Well I'm shocked. /Shocked./

... well, not that shocked.

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the only relevant unit of measurement 

bullet points per minute (bppm)

"There is growing evidence that the atmosphere of Venus contains molecules" is one of my favorite XKCD lines, and it isn't even the final punchline of this strip.


Part of the struggle of working from home is smelling the contents of my slow cooker become more and more delightful while knowing I still have another 4 hours until it's done.

It's Friday.

More of us made it than did not.

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