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I wonder how many educators are on here.

There were thriving communities of educators on Tumblr and Twitter, but Tumblr's went to heck after moderated hashtags went away and Twitter is ... Twitter.

The fediverse has, but that's more of an instance for college/university level academics. I'd like to connect with other K-12 educators.

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wife's death & health issues, details for a pinned toot because it comes up often enough. 

Kelli was diagnosed with FSGS when she was in 3rd grade. It's a rare disease that basically makes your kidneys fall apart. Most/all of her other issues stem from that.

When I met her, she was on the tail end of her 2nd transplant. She lost it before we were married. She was nervous on our wedding day because she had to come from dialysis to the church and didn't want to get blood on her dress. (continued..)

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Okay. I'm spending a few hundred on indie games today, as a treat for myself and to support some devs.

Show me your favorite weird or obscure or barely functional or just real fun games on

I will only be buying from itch. The game has to have a linux build, I don't like (but will at least consider) FPSs.

This will be a thread where I post #indiegames that I might purchase.

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Part 3 of 3 of out of context quotes from one of our recent #DnD games:

As of today, my school is going back to mandatory masking until further notice.

Because CDC guidance is broad, but my school system is localized.

45 minutes in, including some time in front of the group, and no one has noticed yet.

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I'm not telling anyone at this school function that I got my hair cut.

Waiting to see how long before someone notices it's 19 inches shorter.

Good morning, friends.

I am not ready to be social in person, but today a work activity requires me to be social in person, in an environment that will certainly be louder than volumes I consider to be comfortable.

I am looking forward to seeing people I've missed over the summer.

I am looking forward to planning this school year.

I am looking forward to having lunch provided free of charge.

I am not looking forward to everything else related to this event.

My first /official/ day back is next week, but I agreed to attend a "leadership retreat" with school admin and other department chairs tomorrow.

It's off-site, which the more extroverted staff will see as a high point.

I look forward to the portions of the retreat that do not involve participating in location themed activities.

I took my cat to the vet today and the official paperwork diagnoses him as being a "handsome boy." :sockethead:

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I took some of the OOC quotes from one of our D&D sessions and turned them into a YouTube short.

If you follow the #DnD tag you've already seen these, but sometimes it's nice to hear which words are being emphasized.

Aaaand there's the cloudburst they were forecasting since yesterday.

Love that sound, at least when I'm not out driving in it.

I should have realized the video taking that long to export meant that one track I needed to trim had not in fact been trimmed.

Good morning, friends.

Last night I discovered that I'd accidentally bought decaff.

I've been drinking it for two weeks, wondering why it wasn't waking me up like it was supposed to.

I guess now I know.

"We're adding 2-factor authentication!"


"What number should we use to text you a code? There is no other 2fa option."


apt life 

Well, that is a distinct lack of water coming through the pipes.

Tempted to introduce an NPC in my D&D campaigns who specializes in carving stone statues of scared adventurers.

Just to mess with the PCs, of course.

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I'm not even looking for stuff like this, but the articles have broad enough key words to have them get mixed in with topics about digital media.

You know, the subject I teach.

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Hm, apparently according to news outlets, the only way to get rich through hard work is to have a rich relative (insert meme here) or to ... [checks notes] ... sell a guide on how to get rich.

Fine, fine, good for them, but I want these to stop going into my news feeds.

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