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I'm doing a daily check-in with my students.

Today I asked them to share a pun with the class.

No regrets.

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Me: Should I edit my bio to include my real name?

*looks at instance name*

Me: Ah. Yes. That'll do.

Texas, COVID-19, masks :boost_ok: 

As of tomorrow July 3rd at noon, all Texans who are in a private business or outdoors in a public space where they are unable to maintain six feet of distance from other people at all times will be legally required to wear a face covering if they are in a county with at least 20 coronavirus cases.

Verbal warning for the first offense, fine not to exceed $250 for subsequent offenses.

In all my years of teaching I've never had a student ask "Why?" when I've told the class to question everything.

Some day, that golden moment will arrive.

twitter is awful but I've discovered that "my cat is broken" is an excellent search term

I have acquired a Dell Vostro 220 MT Intel Core Duo with 4 GB of RAM from a thrift store.

Its main purpose will be for student use.

It came with Win 10 Pro.

Convince me to not install Linux on it.

Normalize letting POC talk about race and race struggled without sanitizing it or hiding it for white comfort

I figure she won't like me giving her email address out but you can email them to me at and I'll forward them on to her. She'd really really appreciate having something to do, and I think it'd warm her heart and help distract her from panic and anxiety and pain.


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She went in with just her clothes and phone, can't have visitors because of the pandemic. She has no entertainment and we can't get anything to her until the weekend or next week (hospital's in the city). She's had a really bad pain day and is in need of some cheering up and distraction.

Can you email me a get well card, and maybe a little note to read, something you've done today, like a pen pal letter? She probably won't reply as she's low on energy and can't hold her arms up long.


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My friend Jen, the personal trainer, is really sick in hospital. She's been struggling with bronchitis for a few weeks, then got admitted Monday with a collapsed lung which they suspect she's been walking around with for a month. They drained 3L of fluid from her lungs and her liver was going into failure. After numerous tests including an emergency biopsy, she's been diagnosed with tuberculosis and has started treatment.

(Continued - asking a fun favour)

"adult contemporary" is an ageist genre. I've known plenty of bland children, too.

First thoughts on 64 bit Pi OS: All the software I use with students seems to be installable. Would be nice if Firefox wasn't ESR and if Glimpse had replaced GIMP, but works in progress and all that. Will keep pressing buttons.

Huh. 64bit Pi OS does not come with Scratch preinstalled. Fortunately this can be remedied.

I am annoyed that Pi OS doesn't have a convenient way to install Firefox other than the ESR version. I had hopes that with a 64 bit version of the OS this might be remedied.

OK, let's kick the tires on this new 64 bit Pi OS. Imaging an SD card now.

thoughts on image descriptions 

- some people need them to get any value out of your image

- some people find them extremely helpful to provide context for the subject/content/point you're making

- it's an opportunity to be creative, you can have fun with them while also being informative

- there's been an odd exception, but in general i don't boost images without descriptions, and i know i'm not the only person with that policy

in summation: use image descriptions

I have decided to introduce new plans for

This change will only affect new subscribers.

If you are already using the service, nothing will change, same pricing and conditions will continue to apply.

I offer some details about the change here: but do contact me if you have any questions.

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