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wife's death & health issues, details for a pinned toot because it comes up often enough. 

Kelli was diagnosed with FSGS when she was in 3rd grade. It's a rare disease that basically makes your kidneys fall apart. Most/all of her other issues stem from that.

When I met her, she was on the tail end of her 2nd transplant. She lost it before we were married. She was nervous on our wedding day because she had to come from dialysis to the church and didn't want to get blood on her dress. (continued..)

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It's been a while so I'm going to be syncing this account up with my @crash account.

I'm not moving so much as I'm backing up.

In any case, if you get a follow request from that account, yes, it's me.

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@crash Addendum: Sometimes we think we have the high ground and discover that we don't. It's important to be able to reverse course when that happens.

We do not always have the high ground in an argument.

I am including myself in this statement.

If you refuse to look critically at your stance because you feel so certain you're right, then the likelihood that you are very, very wrong is only going to increase.

If you expect someone who is physically disabled to try harder than their best, that likelihood has reached 100%.

This is a reminder for me as well as for others.

Today was our first day of Hybrid Instruction, with some students in the building and others attending virtually.

It was not without its hiccups, but I'd argue things went relatively well.

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"The Oxford comma sometimes makes sentences nonsensical. Here's an example:

Without: I sometimes enjoy eating pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs.

With: I sometimes enjoy eating pizza, hamburgers, and the Oxford comma."

Today in class a virtual student told me I "sounded blurry."

That description is going to stick with me.

OK, uh ...

That looks like $400 mixer for currently less than $60?

Sharing in case anyone's interested.

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My 8AM meeting has been canceled and I am the opposite of not knowing what to do with this extra time.

This morning I was really tired so I slept in until 6am.

I keep looking at that sentence and wondering about it.

Product name: "Head Mounted Headset"

Me: "Where ... else ... would I wear a headset?"

apt life, covid 

The elderly woman who wanted me to call the cops on another neighbor for playing his music too loud and chain-smokes to the point I have to put a towel at the bottom of my front door to block the smell is in the common area without a mask talking to someone else.

(My apartment complex has a mask mandate and at least one resident /has/ had to quarantine after possible exposure.)

So that's a thing.

This mixer is /not/ one of the items I'm attempting to purchase, but the temptation is real.

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For many schools, Donors Choose is one of the ways equipment is purchased outside of the budget.

I love Donors Choose. They do great work and my classroom has a significant amount of equipment thanks to generous donations.

But I've found more than one $100+ monitor for $20 in a thrift store and I'm not passing that up.

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Good morning,

In addition to household chores, I have spent my morning browsing online thrift stores for cheap video/audio production equipment.

I foresee a moment in the future (perhaps next school year?) where most of the equipment used in my computer lab will be 2nd hand tech.

I do this rather than lament that my school isn't buying me new stuff. The budget is limited (I know. I attend the budget meetings.) and there are higher priority items on there.

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To all the authors and writers out there, link me to your personal websites. I wanna see what they look like before I make mine. Please feel free to boost or link to other authors or sites along the same lines.

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Biden repeal Transgender military ban 

I wrote a blog post titled: "Biden Reversed the Transgender Military Ban". It includes the history of what led up to Biden's executive order.

If you have a Medium account, you can read it here:

Or, you can read it on my Book of Jen website:

image description: The transgender pride flag. It has light blue, pink, and white stripes. Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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I'm working on a blog post about how picking devices is about 20% of the solution for technology in education. Unfortunately, legislators and lots of others think it is 100%.

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