I am now the proud owner of a cast iron frying pan.

I've used cast iron before, but it was always someone else's.

So was this one, by which I mean I got it from a thrift store. Minor rust spots on the bottom but otherwise OK.

@crash Just take some steel wool to the rust, and you'll be ready to go!

@naga I'm still going to go through the seasoning process, just in case. No idea if the previous owner treated it well.

@crash love my cast iron. Have you got a maille scrubbie for it?

@WanderingBeekeeper I've never used one of those, but to be honest most of my prior cast iron cooking has been done with dutch ovens over campfires.

For those we barely scrubbed, just got the fire hot enough to burn out any leftover food residue and sterilize the rest.

This will be a more decidedly indoor experience with significantly (one hopes) less fire.

@crash scrubbing the skillet out with hot water and stainless steel maille, then oiling and heating it, has kept ours in excellent condition.

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