I'd like the "masks are an IQ test" jokes a lot more if IQ wasn't an archaic method of measuring mental capacity that simplified all of one's capabilities into a score that woefully belittled a wide variety of improvable talents.

Even if it was a valid thing, the things measured in IQ tests don't cover the critical thinking and source verification skills one requires to know that mask wearing is sound science, so I am incensed for multiple reasons even before we begin to discuss ableism, which is hanging out right over there as the elephant in this room.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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@crash At the elemntary level, I believe IQ is strongly influenced by the test giver as an intentional way to segregate "GT" education and devote more resources to people who already have an advantage.

@nobody My school district doesn't even do IQ tests any more. We have a TAG program (required by law) but it's the broadest, lowest bar I've ever seen to get in, and I'm saying this as a former TAG student.

This is not a complaint, mind you, though I do wish they'd scrap the portion that looks at state test scores as that still has a correlation between high achievers and those from wealthier families.

@crash I IQ'd in decades ago which is a big reason I feel at my core that IQ is garbage, but these days our system is primarily driven by teacher and parent referrals and parent appeals which feels like more of the same.

@crash Hey, IQ is a wonderful measure of how well you take IQ tests!

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