Me: "I'd love it if my little instance here federated with more instances."

Also Me: Sees a bunch of plemora users being absolutely horrible people to friends of mine.

Me Again: "You know what? Let's go with quality over quantity."

I /want/ to like pleroma. The concept of a federating platform that's so lightweight it'll run on an older RasPi? That really appeals to me.

It's a shame that pleroma's user base has done to it what MRAs have done to the fedora.

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@crash On the bright side, your toots led me to explore plemora and its ecosystem (the tech, I mean, not the instances - I have no interest in horrible people).

@Downes I wish you the best with that, as I've currently not the spoons for either.

@crash totally understand.

Out of curiosity, do Docker images run on Raspberry Pi? (Thinking not, but it runs Postgre, so...)

@Downes Apparently since 2016? I did not know this until I searched for it.

I assume support has only improved since this article was written but I confess no experience in the matter.

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