I'm nit interested in getting into 3D printing, but at this price, I almost want to.

Sharing the link for those who are on the other side of the fence.

@crash I have an ender 3 (not a pro) and it's a fantastic device for the price.

Although it doesn't stop 3D printing from being a huge pain-in-the-ass hobby.

@Garrison I'm honestly more of a fan of CNC routers, but that cost is still a large distance outside of my budget.

@crash the cost is deceptive, too, as 3D printers require constant maintenance, and even though each individual repair might not cost much, it adds up.

filament is affordable but not exactly free, as well, and it can go fast, especially when you're new at it and accidentally wasting a lot of it as you learn.

@Garrison Y'see, this is why I like my Cricut. The thin cardboard from my oatmeal boxes cuts up just fine.

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