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Can we please stop referring to areas outside of education as "the real world" to differentiate from classrooms?

Students entering my class do not magically land in a world of elves and dragons.

(I mean, that would be cool, but that's just not the case.)

re: education related pet peve 


this becomes extra annoying at the college level were internships are supposed to give you "real world experience" but don't count as "real world experience" by a lot of employers. It's very confusing and frustrating.

re: education related pet peve 


Oh my gosh, yes. And it's even worse considering the trend to have internships be unpaid because "we're paying you in real world experience."

On the other side of the coin, I find that some students (and some parents) treat the work in a different light because if it's not part of the "real world," then it doesn't deserve their energy.

It's bad any way we look at it.

education related pet peve 

@crash true, but it's not exactly the real world either. There's a big difference between learning forestry in a classroom and learning forestry in a forest.

education related pet peve 

@Downes There is a difference, yes, but to call one of them "real" implies the other is not.

The knowledge is real, as is the instructor, as are the students. The knowledge, experiences, and baggage they bring into and take out of that setting are all real as well, and we ignore this at our own peril.

education related pet peve 

@Downes Put another way:

The training wheels I once had on my bike did not stop the bike from being real.

education related pet peve 

@crash mine was magically transformed when I was a kid as a teacher read "The Hobbit" to us :)

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