Gotta hand it to Microsoft. I'm looking at a laptop running Windows Home Edition and their new Microsoft Edge browser truly is the best browser for downloading a different browser.

@emacsomancer I count myself fortunate in even knowing that's a programming language.

But then most of my coding is done using HTML 4, so I am far from an expert in the field.

@crash really just an application for downloading things:

though in this case the similar application wget might be easier to use:

wget --content-disposition ""

gives you the latest firefox for desktop linux (change for other OSes appropriately)

@crash While you're at it, you can download an ISO for a better OS. 😋

@jlamothe Can and have, but this computer is for work.

I got permission to install Linux on a lot of the machines in my classroom, but every now and then I need to live in a Windows World.

@crash Fair enough. I wasn't entirely serious anyways. There are admittedly cases where Windows is probably still the best choice... mind you, those cases are getting fewer and fewer these days.

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