Good morning,

In addition to household chores, I have spent my morning browsing online thrift stores for cheap video/audio production equipment.

I foresee a moment in the future (perhaps next school year?) where most of the equipment used in my computer lab will be 2nd hand tech.

I do this rather than lament that my school isn't buying me new stuff. The budget is limited (I know. I attend the budget meetings.) and there are higher priority items on there.

For many schools, Donors Choose is one of the ways equipment is purchased outside of the budget.

I love Donors Choose. They do great work and my classroom has a significant amount of equipment thanks to generous donations.

But I've found more than one $100+ monitor for $20 in a thrift store and I'm not passing that up.

This mixer is /not/ one of the items I'm attempting to purchase, but the temptation is real.


And...before following the link, I was imagining a different mixer.


@Algot I imagine thrift stores have more of those than the audio kind, but I already have a Kitchenaid that scares me if I turn the speed up to medium so I'm not currently in the market.

But that does get me thinking about vocabulary and how it means different things in different content areas.

Like, at my school we specifically say "visual art" for the class that most schools just call "art," as if drawing, painting, and sculpture are the only kinds of art there are.

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