Anyway, good morning. :blobcoffee:

Today, as with all Wednesdays until the end of the school year, is a "Work from home" day. Work will commence as soon as I can log in to my school account, which will hopefully be before my 1st grade class starts.

"If you can't log in you can always declare today's lessons to be asynchronous."

I could, if I could log in to tell students today's work was asynchronous, and also share said work, modified to be asynchronous.

Thing is, my school is one of the later starting ones in my district. If the authentication server went down last night rather than this morning, there's a significant number of schools where the staff and students might already be calling today a wash.

Instruction for my building doesn't start for 20 minutes. Hopefully this won't be our case as well.

We're a G Suite school, and I'm still logged in on my phone, so I can access files there.

I'm still miraculously logged into Zoom on my desktop, which is rare as I tend to have to log in on that.

I am not currently logged into Canvas on any device, so that's a "hope it's fixed before then" problem.

And all of this depends on students themselves finding ways to connect and not just giving up after their first attempt doesn't go through.


And with my plan to adjust to this interesting problem, the servers are back up.

It's the best I could have hoped for.

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