I have been grading projects for my 9 week elective class, and they're rather uplifting.

The students seem very interested in tackling social issues and getting their voices heard. (That or making "let's play" videos.)

There's plenty who score poorly, but for technical issues that can be revised and resubmitted for a higher grade after some reteaching is provided.

I can teach the technical stuff. I cannot teach passion for your chosen topic. Fortunately for this class, I don't have to.

For the record, my Middle School class projects use an open ended grading rubric that requires students to select their own goal that interests them, then find one of our state's Media Arts standards that matches their goal. The only project goals I've seen that can't align with a standard are "Earn a 100%" and "Hand my work in on time." Anything more in depth has a relatable Standard and I help students out with picking one on request.


This is the "toned down" version of my class structure, due to *gestures broadly at world.*

Last year students had to make their own rubrics, which their peers would use to evaluate their work. It led to great discussions on subjectivity and measurable objectives as opposed to opinion based criteria.

I'd like to go back to that again, but it's a lot more work and I think my students would revolt if I tried it 4th Quarter during Hybrid instruction.

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