I often think of how it would be nice to have an instance dedicated to K-12 educators. is nice but more geared towards college level academics.

I don't even know if we have enough K-12 teachers on here to merit having such an instance, though.

And with my luck, I'd have to start it myself.

I don't want to have to manage other teachers. I've been Department Chair and I don't like that job.

Crap I just found myself writing non-boilerplate user guidelines in my head.

@crash there is this #moodle net idea (A federated social space for educators) but it does not seem to get traction

@openrisk As in the Moodle LMS? I like Moodle but that seems a little overpowered compared to something like a Mastodon instance.

@crash its a separate effort (built by the same team that builds the LMS) that will somehow federate. At some point a demo instance was live but now they seem working on a next iteration

@openrisk I see what you mean about traction. I could be reading this wrong but it looks like no code changes since August and no announcements since before then.

It's a shame.

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