Why are accounts with Twitter URL shorteners in their profiles sending me follow requests?

@selea Certainly my first thought, yes, though the accounts seem to be real, if abandoned.

So I'm thinking they were hacked, which I suppose is another level up for Mastodon if we've reached that point in its development.

@crash @selea Last I checked, Mastodon since version 3 requires email as a second step.

It's possible the users who were compromised were using Mastodon before the update to version 3.

As always, #2FA is your friend. Please use it. A phone IS NOT required.

@masstransitkrow @selea There have also been times I revisited an old account to find at some point my 2fa had been disabled by admin for some reason or another. I went through and deleted my abandoned accounts after that but I imagine most do not.

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