Good morning, friends.

Today is my last Wednesday with students for the school year. (Last day for students is Tuesday of next week.)

Everything ends, and it's always sad.

But everything starts again, and it's always happy.

Things will start again in 91 days.


May your 91 days be filled with fun, productive and otherwise.

@Algot That's the plan.

Goal for next year is to increase my focus on teaching audio recording/editing. There will be a lot of that done over the break.


Do you (plan to) blog about your efforts?

@Algot The thought's occurred to me, but I'm not sure what to say that I haven't already blogged/podcasted about years ago.

Well, except for the method. Turns out the Canvas LMS that we're switching to next year lets you do podcasting. I posted a video about that here:

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