I think I just realized why Eugen puts so little value on the local timeline - his instances are so large that local is all but unusable for community building. It's like trying to hear a quiet conversation in a middle school cafeteria when the lunch duty teachers have stepped out for a moment.

I'm probably the last person on here to make this connection, but I've made it now.

This is simply not the case for instances. I've met some good people through scholar social's and elekk's local timelines.

Of course I'm saying this on a single user instance, but then again scholar's local helped me learn it wasn't the place for me (even though it's still a great instance), and I still have an account on elekk /because/ of the local timeline there.

local timeline of a well curated community is one thing I miss. I still wish there was a way to become a satellite of a community, or have federated timeline be a combination of local communities you connect with. (either as satellite or as allies sort of) then what is visible to you.

@eylul @crash That could make the federated timeline actually useful again.

Say you connect with a community on another server.

Do you imagine that as being a "see the posts" feature, or do you also want the ability to post directly on several "local"/community timelines.


@JohanEmpa @eylul @be I imagine being able to post in a different instance's local timeline would be problematic.

Yes, problematic, but, in such a scenario I imagine some kind or request to join the community as remote member. Approved people only, no spammers. Could that work?
@eylul @be @cadadr

@JohanEmpa @eylul @be Maybe? I'm not sure, beyond the continued need for vigilant admin/mods.

@crash not if only the admin manually allows it. and either way this could replace / add to federation

@JohanEmpa @be @cadadr


@JohanEmpa @be @cadadr

thinking over this would definitely go through admin manually to be added. not automatic or even prompting just because you subscribed.

I still think admins manually subscribing back is the correct solution here. However, alternative solution could be a remote member would be a completely separate process than subscribing, e.g. going through sign-up for account form but then chosing to be a remote member.

@JohanEmpa I think simplicity wise it would be just the idea would be just being able to subscribe to the other server. humans can make it mutual by adding back. the thing is if you interact with people, they will add you back anyway and you will end up in federation. and if you are part of a small community with a responsive admin you can always ask to be added to the local community by them subscribing to you. Again this would be on instance level. not user.

@crash @be @cadadr

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