I have groceried.

I am laundering.

And now, while I wait to move clothing to the dryer, I shall spreadsheet!

(We need an easy to access document to manage attendance on a rotating ABC day schedule that doesn't fit into our County's AB day schedule.)


Spreadsheeting is 1/2 done.

(K-2 classes organized, grades 3-5 are a nebulous idea.)

I know I made some things harder for myself.

I also know I found some workflow ideas that made things a lot easier.

I'm counting this as a win because I already know our grade 3-5 class lists are getting adjusted so working on it today would mean I still have to go back and fix it.

@crash *corporate America voice* we've decided that for *check watch* seven days a week you are personally responsibly for 200 kids, also were cutting your hours to 20 a week so we don't have to give you health insurance. have fun bye!

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