Good morning, friends.

This morning I get tested, even though I'm vaxxed, for reasons.

Assuming all goes well I get to teach video production today. If it does not go well I'll be teaching video production from home.

@crash Teaching students how to edit videos online? That doesn't sound easy.

@toneji It has its difficulties, to be certain, but it's how I had to do it for all of last year so we've had to adjust.

For my 8 and 9 year old students, we're on the script writing portion and the videos will be short with minimal edits (title, credits, one jump cut) so they can get a feel for the techniques.

For my 10-13 year old students, this will not be their first video project so I can assume some prior knowledge.

@crash I see. So you teach them the basic style first so that they can master it.
Writing a script for video editing also means teaching story and plot, right? It's intense.

@toneji It certainly can be. Current beginner lesson has students asking why a character would behave a certain way. It requires more introspection than they're used to in
most classes, but fortunately they have Drama as a class here as well.

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