Reminder from a teacher:

"Simple" and "Easy" are relative terms. What's simple and easy to you can be complex and difficult for someone without your background knowledge.

I can do things in 1 minute of HTML editing that it takes a 1st year student a full day to wrap their head around. It took me decades of off and on working in that media to reach that point, and I'm far from an expert.

I refuse to tell a single student that HTML is easy - even the parts that have become easy for me.


When a student asks me how to do [thing], I usually start with "Oh, that's very hard" before showing how to do [thing].

If they understand immediately when I point out what they overlooked, they laugh at my "joke."

But if it was really simple, they wouldn't have asked for help. It would have been intuitive.

So I wasn't really joking, and the ones who need to know that understand I wasn't joking.

This thread may or may not be brought to you by my attempt to find good photography tutorials that don't insist you already have months of experience with a DSLR and all additional accessories.

I get that the article writers live and breathe this stuff, but I really wish people saw a market for "So you want to get into photography but can't afford a $400 camera" photography tutorials so I would have more outside content to share with my students.

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