Mastodon needs more K-12 teachers on here.

We need a space that's like the Teachers' Lounge, but not in a bad way.

But that would require an admin with the spoons to manage it, and we're already managing our students.

We all know teachers are harder to herd than cats.

At some point I might bite the bullet and set up such a space, just to see if more than two people sign up.

If I do, I only hope I regret it less than when I ran a guild in WoW.

(Never again.)

And there's also the concern I'd have about how much I should moderate.

I don't swear on here, or even boost toots with profanity, because my students have found me online before and they certainly will again.

You'd think a name as common as mine would make it harder, and it does, but it's not impossible.

I don't want to restrict language choices, but I also don't want a concerned parent emailing my principal to ask "Do you know the kind of content Mr. Smith lets people put on his website?"


I suppose I could say "Have your public content be stuff you'd be willing to say to your students, parents and coworkers." has a more restrictive policy about what can be on the timeline because of their academic theme, and it seems to work well for them.

Or I could just wait until I retire, but then that would defeat a lot of my reasons for wanting to be part of a K-12 Teacher instance.

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