Thinking about the early 2000s and the *big names* in educational technology.

Trying to remember them. I've never been good with names.

David Warlick
Hal Davidson
Kathy Shrock
Will Richardson
Steve Dembo
Chris Craft

And those are just the ones I got to meet in person. There were many more.

Most educators probably wouldn't even know who they are any more. It's their loss.

They made names for themselves before Twitter. They used blogs and podcasts.

David Warlick built a tool for students to safely blog, back when tools like Google Classroom and Canvas were pipe dreams.

I made my first podcast because Steve Dembo's Teach42 podcast inspired me, back before iTunes had podcatching as a feature.

These are good memories.


Most of the ones I followed stepped out of my radar years ago.

Some retired.

Some started consulting businesses.

Many wrote books.

Most stopped teaching.

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