In the early days of Twitter I had colleagues who gave me flack for emphasizing that it needed to be about the conversations. I didn't want to follow thousands of people, because I'd never see what most of them had to say.

The algorithm made it worse, not better.

Here on the fediverse, when I first joined the meta was that follower/followed counts should be irrelevant, because it was about the conversations.

There is no algorithm.

I'm home.

@crash I think Mastodon has better software and features but from a community standpoint I won't leave twitter (or tumblr) because overall the fediverse feels very "white" and I prefer somewhere with a lot of PoC. I would love if fedi could overcome that gap, and I think this section of fedi is a good start, but until then it's not a replacement of any other social site for me. It's just another one added to the list of Daily Apps That I Scroll On When Bored

@eevee Totally valid reasoning. I won't try to say that my experiences, opinions, and use cases should be everyone else's.

It wasn't a replacement for me at first, either. The only reason I left Twitter (and, far earlier, Facebook) was because I found that every time I scrolled through it made me feel worse.

I left Tumblr because the education community on there fell apart, and that was the only draw it had for me.

@crash I feel you on Facebook. I hardly use it, and the only reason I haven't deleted it is because it's the only way my mom talks to me (for some reason)

@eevee I'm fairly certain my mom finally learned how to send text messages because I left Facebook.

I love her, but it took decades for her to learn how to check her own email. She usually had one of her kids do it for her when we visited.

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