Good morning, friends.

Back to the building today, and time to start double-time planning ahead for [event].

Teaching is like running a D&D game. Other than broad strokes, I normally do not plan too far ahead. There's so many things that can happen that will make me have to scrap my plans for something new.

But now I have to, because I won't be there to adjust.


I'm not worried about my middle school media students. Their curriculum is meant to be self-guided for the most part. If they can self-motivate, they've got this.

My littlest students, grades K-2? They eat up whatever I throw at them. I'm not worried there, either.

Grades 3-5 already need some adjustments. Most of my brainpower's going there.

My grade 8 coding class is a canned curriculum with no time for adjustments. They have lots of built in tools that can help them, but don't use them.

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