Someone is wondering why he didn't get to help with the workshop.

Not everyone likes our school system, but there are times when they really get things right.

(I'm referring to the name of the recognized holiday, not the conferences part. Conferences are good, too, but that's business as usual.)

It is very warm here but I am at a cabin in the woods and this is nice.

My school system just enacted a pro-trans-rights administrative procedure. (pdf file)

Administrative procedures here have a lot of bureaucracy to go through. I don't have exact knowledge but I suspect this ball started rolling years ago.

Included is a very small portion of the linked document. I won't insist it's perfect because I'm not an expert, but to me it looks like movement in the right direction.

Hey, remember how Millennials were killing every industry by not having lots of money?

Good news! Millennials with money can be blamed for things, too!

(Source: )

My parents bought me a light that just arrived today.

It's one of those "stick anywhere" LED lights that's good for locations where a wired or embedded light is a bad idea.

On the back it has a warning label that ... raises some concerns.

uspol, Trump Twitter screenshot 

Well ... there's "Not aging well," and then there's this.

Partial kudos to Twitter fact checkers ... for a change.

The ink for my pen arrived today and I have already stained my fingers, but my cat has maintained a cautious distance. He is looking on with great interest.

(Also: This is my handwriting. There are many who are just as terrible, but this one is mine.)

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