Photoshop Camera: Hope you're ready to buy a new phone!

(When I buy a new phone, it will not be so that I can use an Adobe product. It will be because my current phone stopped working.)

$10 laptop didn't come with a hard drive, but it /did/ have tax software from 2014 in the CD tray. Oh, also modem /and/ Firewire ports!

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Trying to take an intentionally bad photo and this happened.

Kobold Press makes some of the best books.

Exhibit B: "Bearmit Crab" from the Creature Codex.

"May I offer you a cat photo in these trying times?"

It looks like we're laying down in this shot but I swear we're both vertical. He's standing on my arms as I type.

I Didn’t Plant These

They're growing out of a disused flower bed. The tallest one is almost 2 feet tall.

I'm OK with this.

(Image CWed for eye contact)

My coworker is expecting a significant amount of screen time for the meetings I have scheduled today, as he knows he's the only reason anyone expects me to turn my webcam on.

selfie, ec but from a cat 

Earlier today, a certain fuzzbutt thought my back made a good cat bed. :sockethead:

My email thinks I was cool in the early Aughts.

(To be fair, most messages contributing to that number are alerts from Google Classroom and/or newsletters from vendors.)

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Thinking of erasing literally months of growth and trimming the beard back to how it was in September.

Normally I see a barber to get the shaping done in a neater fashion while maintaining much of the length, but ... y'know.


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