Good morning, friends.

This has not been the most comfortable trip, but I'm glad I am here.

Selfie, no ec 

This is my first time without hair long enough to pull into a pony tail in over 20 years.

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Selfie, no ec 

New hat. Wondering if it suits me.

Other teachers: "It's the last week of school, I'm showing a movie."

Me: "Turn out the lights and grab a flashlight and a camera, we're light painting today!"

Creepy doll head, "eye" contact 

When people ask if I had fun camping this weekend, I will show them this image.

Yes, we found that where we were camping.

Yes, the photo was taken on site.

Yes, we left it the heck there.

Someone is wondering why he didn't get to help with the workshop.

Not everyone likes our school system, but there are times when they really get things right.

(I'm referring to the name of the recognized holiday, not the conferences part. Conferences are good, too, but that's business as usual.)

It is very warm here but I am at a cabin in the woods and this is nice.

My school system just enacted a pro-trans-rights administrative procedure. (pdf file)

Administrative procedures here have a lot of bureaucracy to go through. I don't have exact knowledge but I suspect this ball started rolling years ago.

Included is a very small portion of the linked document. I won't insist it's perfect because I'm not an expert, but to me it looks like movement in the right direction.

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