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It's worth noting that there's nothing in the TOS for the YouTube Audio Library that says the music can only be used for YouTube videos. It remains a great source for music/sound effects for student works.

I like being a member of the National Education Association, but they need to learn to read the room.

Businesses reopening unfortunately does not equal "safe."

Obligatory "I guess uBlock Origin can't find any scripts" joke.

My lab tech is checking to see if this tower is properly outputting excess heat.

Photoshop Camera: Hope you're ready to buy a new phone!

(When I buy a new phone, it will not be so that I can use an Adobe product. It will be because my current phone stopped working.)

$10 laptop didn't come with a hard drive, but it /did/ have tax software from 2014 in the CD tray. Oh, also modem /and/ Firewire ports!

selfie, pretentious, ec 

Trying to take an intentionally bad photo and this happened.

Kobold Press makes some of the best books.

Exhibit B: "Bearmit Crab" from the Creature Codex.

"May I offer you a cat photo in these trying times?"

It looks like we're laying down in this shot but I swear we're both vertical. He's standing on my arms as I type.

I Didn’t Plant These

They're growing out of a disused flower bed. The tallest one is almost 2 feet tall.

I'm OK with this.

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