People who come to an oral surgeon's office without masks and then play loud videos on their phones: Who hurt you?

Love when I'm early to a thing.

Love it slightly less when the doors are still locked.

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Good morning, friends.

I spent most of yesterday without spoons to even watch a movie, but I've slept 8ish hours so things should be better now.

We'll see how long that lasts when I'm grading things.

@Algot For the record, I saw the wisdom in your dental joke.

@noelle With episode recaps and previews taking up an additional 5%.

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leaves falling leaves falling!!!!!

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i don't care about the summer olympics or the winter olympics. give me the autumn olympics. i want to see teams from different countries compete in Corn Maze. i want to see who podiums in Jack-o'-lanterns. i wanna see a bunch of track suits with skeleton motifs. i want to represent my country in Haunted House

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Mom just let me know that today she woke up to a herd of cows in her yard

She does not have cows

@magicalmilly Ah, yes, the three meat types:

Red, white, and mystery.

@magicalmilly If not for playing then why was it set out in a store that doesn't sell things to play with?

Wait ...

@wigglytuffitout I refuse to think of Anakin as Kronk, but you still can't go wrong with Emperor's New Groove.

Also, if it's Emperor's new Groove and Palpatine isn't Cuzco, then what's the darned point?

@magicalmilly You mean to tell me the pumpkin decoration wasn't misplaced by a customer after they moved it from where your candy shop sells inedible non-candy pumpkin decorations?


Remember, remember,
Eevee in November.
She wrote a whole book in a month.

@Cyborgneticz Nathaniel Hawthorne's ABC book isn't approved reading in most elementary schools these days, for some reason.

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A thing I didn't expect with having short hair for the first time in 20+ years is most mornings I wake up with my hair already almost respectable.

Which is fitting, because "almost respectable" seems to have been my brand for most of my life.

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