Oddly enough this new company is also based out of Florida.

I'm not looking into any additional details but I would not be shocked if it was the same person each time who for some reason is certain my email address is theirs.

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Looks like once again someone's used my email to register for a service.

However, unlike PlentyOfFish and an EasyPass company in Florida, this new site requires email verification.

So I guess whomever this is is just going to have to wonder why their account was never activated, because there's no way I'm clicking that link.

@whalefall :blobwave:

... wait, that wasn't the mood you wished to convey in that toot, I think.

I just wanted to happily say hello.

@whalefall @magicalmilly There is a story behind this but I love that it isn't here. It's an out of context Milly toot.

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Elon Musk ranting 

Regaling my mum with this tale of 'we mustn't judge people we don't know' and her take is "Well I didn't know Hitler personally..." 😂 😂 😂

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@TheGibson maybe if they had paid that ransom to professionals in the infosec community instead they could have done it for a fraction of the cost while avoiding bad publicity for their brand and creating chaos among their customers...

Worst capitalists ever.

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3 years ago today, I attended a gala to learn I had not won Teacher of the Year. (I wasn't expecting to win, it was an honor to be one of the runners up.)

I got to wear the same tux I rented for my sister's wedding two days prior, so that was an added bonus.

@magicalmilly The "What are you doing in my swamp?!" line but instead of "swamp" it's "brain" and also directed at the voice uttering those words.

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These two are BBFs #mastocats
Image alts: two cats curled up together in the same cat bed

re: uspol, insurrection 

@Jo @noelle I'm no doctor, but I don't think 45 is healthy enough to survive one of those.

re: uspol, insurrection 

@noelle @Jo Ah, but you see, if they somehow manage to get enough of the nation to buy into the fever dream of the election being stolen, then he can make it be retroactive.

Or something.

And I know "fever dream" is a generous description.

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uspol, gop, gun metaphor mention by member of the gop 

@noelle The governor of Maryland (also GOP, may his legacy of hating public education never be redeemed by the few times he spoke out against Trump, they were not enough) referred to all this as a "circular firing squad."

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cancel culture = i don't want to be held accountable for my actions

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Gaze long into the abyss and the abyss will request CW: eye contact

(For the record I love Code dot org, it's not perfect but it's still a great tool for teaching computational thinking at an early age and if their HTML lessons had existed back in 1996 I would have learned web design at a much faster pace.)

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Code dot org, I have already done your survey. Asking me again a month later is not going to result in a different answer.

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