Just did some cleaning. Took out a full can of trash and tossed a significant amount of cardboard into the recycling.

I am very out of shape.

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Haven't yet voted for your favorite drawing for the Inkscape 1.1 About Screen?

There are still 11 hours and 37 minutes left to take part in the community vote!

Cast your vote here:

#inkscape #aboutscreencontest

@john @noelle The shark tank was repurposed into a terrarium, though, so it's all good.

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I'm gonna start a company called Dynamic Dynamics

What we do/make will change on a day-to-day basis

@noelle "Well do you have a factory?"

"Yesterday we did, but today it's a bakery."

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"What a coincidence that his last name was 'Zombie' and he was in a band called 'White Zombie'."

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Microchondria is the power tiny home of the cell.

Megachondria is the really big powerhouse of the cell.

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Miterchondria is the powerhouse of wood joining.

Metrochondria are the powerhouse of public transportation.

Why do we say "Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell" when we could just be calling it Might-ochondria?

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uspol, children reuniting 

105 children reunited with parents in the span of a month.
great. that is genuinely amazing and I am SO happy.
over 300 parents were deported after being told their children could gain asylum n how do those kids get their parents back dear god.
I am SO mad.

this is some emotional whiplash.

@magicalmilly Is this volunteer work or paid work?

(I think it should be paid work, but this is Florida you're talking about, so...)

Actual line from an official work email that makes sense in context but without that context this is very amusing to me 

"Keep jetpacks near room temperature when in use."

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Finished outlining the shapes in black. Details next, probably with white ink :) #MastoArt

@john Same.

My coffee isn't even timed to begin brewing for almost an hour.

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