@Cyborgneticz I've been avoiding Canvas' timed quiz feature only because I have a not insignificant number of students whose IEPs require "time and a half" for completing assignments, but I am loving the heck out of the options for randomizing question order and allowing students to retake quizzes multiple times.

It's at the point where I'll use a multiple choice quiz as a warm-up to introduce new vocab before we dive deeper into how it's used. "Take this until you have a 5/5."

"The deadline for conference session proposals is approaching!"

Then put the form to submit a proposal on your website. This is a solved problem that some conferences do with a Google Form.

It's been over a month and even presenters have to pay to attend. You're not convincing me you're worth my time.

@Cyborgneticz Almost everything I grade has been typed, but there are still times I have to invoke such a saying.

@Cyborgneticz Proposal: Add Illuminated Manuscripts to the visual art curriculum in 5th grade.

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D&D Beyond is giving away (online) copies of Acquisitions, Inc. to celebrate... er, their being acquired by Wizards: dndbeyond.com/claim/source/ai#

Good morning friends.

Dance production's final show is today.

It's also going to be 90F and middle school gyms, by county policy, do not have dedicated AC.

It's going to be a warm one.

High School Yearbook where each senior photo is done up like the most clickbatey of YouTube thumbnail videos.

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New video on Book of Jen!

In this one, my Diablo III Monk completed the Crusader Challenge Rift (that was available at the time I recorded this video). She also completed a bunch of the Season Journey Objectives.


image description: A Monk is wearing blue armor with red accents. She has yellow pants, boots, and sleeves. On her head is a helmet with horns pointing downward that have small decorations attached to the ends. Next to her is a blue demon-like dog.

Good morning, friends.

Today my Media Arts students begin work on their penultimate projects (of their own design and rubrics), and my 2nd graders are making video games.

@ajroach42 I thought it was already here, just not evenly distributed.

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Okay so I'm not finding any comprehensive website that covers who is running for office in Maryland and what their beliefs are

Anyone know of good websites besides Ballotpedia??

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@Cyborgneticz "The original's OK, but the Constitution fanfic I half remember reading 20 years ago has some significant improvements to the plot so I'm just going to assume that version is what's canonical."

Story concept that needs to exist if it doesn't already:

A bunch of people in a coffee shop that all tell fanciful tales starring slightly changed versions of the main cast.

A Coffee Shop AU Nexus.

Good morning, friends.

We have our "End of Year Staff Meeting" this afternoon.

It's the one where we go over all of the end-of-year closeout procedures.

@RichWhite I know I cannot.

Any lasting change would come from within.

I am glad that people can change.

I teach students from when they're 5 until when they're 13. There's a lot of needed changes over those important years.

I am glad they can keep changing after that, as well.

I wish more people knew they could keep changing, so they would try it for themselves.

Yes, I am keeping this as a running tally.

Yes, I am sharing this information with staff and students.

Historically I have had coworkers threaten me with physical violence for maintaining this countdown.

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104 days until the first real day of next school year.

(This doesn't include Orientation Days or days where teachers report to school but not students.)

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