@Algot A few of my students, yes.

But also, it had been a while since I'd thought of them.

@pikestaff Clearly the solution is to play Minecraft during flight times in WoW, and then play WoW while idling in Minecraft to let things process.

A Co-Op I joined sent me an email to say they'll be closed on Black Friday.

I approve.

us pol, georgia voter purge, important 

Georgia Voters -

Apparently there is another big purge happening. Some people who voted in the election a few weeks ago are finding themselves not registered now.

Please check your registration!

#uspol #VoterSuppression

@Shrigglepuss I think some of us won't actually stop, even if/when things get better. Especially those of us hit hard by loss.

🌱🌱🌹🌱🌸🌻 🌱🌸🌱

I've used Carbonite for years, but their recent strategy of giving me pop-up ads to encourage me to put it on another computer is making me strongly consider alternatives.

At this point it's inertia that's keeping me a customer, but they're doing their best to overcome that for me.


Making my morning oatmeal by adding coffee instead of water.

Not bad, honestly.

Doing $5 minis for a limited time. Humans, goblins, elves, orcs furries, animals, you name it. No limit to slots per person... I'd have to get to 85 to make the money I need anyway haha.

#commissions #hireme #artistforhire #artistinneed


Thinking about the person who decided the best therapy was telling me my wife was dead in a "you need to face the facts, child" way, followed by stories of widowers who started dating and remarried within a year.

I know she thought she was helping.

If you think a strategy like this ever helps, let me advise against your assessment of your critical thinking skills.


I recently started grinding my own beans using the cheapest somewhat reliable hand-powered burr grinder I could find, and it is worth it.

@thegibson Just the morning?

One does not simply play Civ for one morning.

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