@Sandrockcstm @noelle That seems to be his default strategy, even if he's the one running out of money.

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I will not yell loudly at the person who posted "Code comments are obsolete". I will not yell loudly at the person who posted "Code comments are obsolete". I will not

I am Crash, the great magician!

Behold, as I make my cat disappear by sneezing unexpectedly! :sockethead:

My cat does not understand my humidifier.

Air should not be made of wet, so far as he's concerned.

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@SuricrasiaOnline You haven't been participating in the mandated monthly fire drills?

@noelle I don't know if I should hate this or wonder if I could turn them into candles.

"Pangea Breakfast" is one of those punchlines I'll never have the opportunity to do in real life.


There should be a law of the universe where you can't be hit with another reason to grieve before you've finished processing a previous reason to grieve.

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You know, I don't feel bad about losing an auction when the final bid is over 4x the most I was willing to pay.


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The holidays are coming so just as a reminder

❗Don't Donate
to the Salvation army❗

They are anti-LGBT scum en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Salv

Reading a laptop review...

"It takes too many swipes on the trackpad to get the cursor across the screen."

... OK, what modern OS are you using that prevents you from changing that setting?

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Ninety-nine lead balloons
Rolling down the streets at night

Tripping people as they go
Who put these things here

What the hell

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The great tragedy of time is that it moves inexorably forward. We can do nothing about past events but reminisce or regret, and we can only hope we've prepared properly for the future.

The great gift of time is that not only can we use the experience it gives us to plan for the future, but we can use the experience of others as well.

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Good morning, friends.

It is the last day of school before a national holiday knocks out the rest of the week.

Students might already be mentally on their holiday break.

I will not be adjusting my lessons to match this.

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