@Morgan My friends from the late 90s /still/ only call me by the internet handle I used at the time.

@magicalmilly Could you repeat that? I couldn't hear you over Jason and countless screaming Argonauts.

@JohanEmpa @eylul @be @cadadr Maybe? I'm not sure, beyond the continued need for vigilant admin/mods.

@JohanEmpa @eylul @be @cadadr I imagine being able to post in a different instance's local timeline would be problematic.

TERFs, Terry Pratchett (not a TERF) 

My favorite response:

“'I was actually fully aware of the evidence proving me wrong and still wrote this article' isn’t the slam dunk you thought it was Sarah."


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Every social media platform would be improved by an option to mute any content that was ever on TikTok.

@noelle I am back up until I find I am too tired to remain so. I may be close, as my fingers keep shifting one key over from the home row.

We'll see.

This is simply not the case for instances. I've met some good people through scholar social's and elekk's local timelines.

Of course I'm saying this on a single user instance, but then again scholar's local helped me learn it wasn't the place for me (even though it's still a great instance), and I still have an account on elekk /because/ of the local timeline there.

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I think I just realized why Eugen puts so little value on the local timeline - his instances are so large that local is all but unusable for community building. It's like trying to hear a quiet conversation in a middle school cafeteria when the lunch duty teachers have stepped out for a moment.

I'm probably the last person on here to make this connection, but I've made it now.

I would like to be asleep now, but instead I lay down for several hours and thought about sleeping.

It's not super effective.

@Morgan From my understanding construction work is one of those things where there's a lot of required waiting between the moments of intense work.

Not unlike an IT person waiting for software to download/install. Hard to do the rest of the work while that bottlenecks.

@Morgan I'm not sure 10 minutes is enough time to walk /and/ properly gawk.

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Please sponsor me and I'll put a png file of your logo on a website.

I didn't say it would be my website.

But it will be on /a/ website.

What if instead of running an instance I just gave a bunch of friends accounts with posting privileges on a WordPress blog?

(I am not actually proposing this as an idea for a social network alternative.)

Remembering back in the day when we had personal web logs where we wrote long-form posts, with paragraphs and images.

And sometimes responded to others who did the same.

And we subscribed to each other's web logs using a syndication method that was relatively simple.

Some would argue it was really simple.

@magicalmilly The fabled "soft skills" that companies want but can't articulate in their job requirements.

Also maybe there'd be enough spare money to pay a mod or two, but I suspect that's wishful thinking.

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Idle thought, and I'm no expert, but maybe if registrations for the "official" instance had been closed instead of letting it get so large a 2nd official instance was needed the cost of maintaining it wouldn't require taking money from companies Eugen wouldn't want seen in his timeline.

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