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TBH it's only notable because it got past my otherwise usually decent spam filter.

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🌱🌱🌱🌲🌸🌱🌻 🌱🍄
🌱🌸🌱🌻 🌱🌻 🌱🌱🌱
🌱🌱🌱🌻 🌹🌾🌱🌱🌱


🌱🌱🌱🌱🌿🌱🌻 🌱🌱
🌸🌱🌻 🌱🌸🌱🍄🌱🌱
🌱🌾🌱💐🌱🌻 🌱🌸🌱

a short, beautifully animated fan film about a trans kid, starring godzilla, little godzilla, and baragon

@crash Hey, IQ is a wonderful measure of how well you take IQ tests!

Remove all of the other good things about Mastodon and the Delete/Redraft option on its own still makes it a better platform than Twitter.

And Delete/Redraft is outshone by several other great things, just saying.

Even if it was a valid thing, the things measured in IQ tests don't cover the critical thinking and source verification skills one requires to know that mask wearing is sound science, so I am incensed for multiple reasons even before we begin to discuss ableism, which is hanging out right over there as the elephant in this room.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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I'd like the "masks are an IQ test" jokes a lot more if IQ wasn't an archaic method of measuring mental capacity that simplified all of one's capabilities into a score that woefully belittled a wide variety of improvable talents.

Drinking the pot of coffee I brewed this morning and then promptly forgot about after 7pm.

Nothing will go wrong with this plan. :blobcoffee:

Ordered take-out from a place within walking distance. Passed 7 people on the way. 3 were not wearing masks at all. I watched two others take their masks off as I got close.

Wear your darned masks, people. Carrying them doesn't count.

I mean, I have very strong opinions about how those who make creative content deserve to be compensated for their work, and that's annoyed several of the "copyright should be abolished even though we have nothing in place to support the artists who would starve when corporations started lifting their stuff wholesale" crowd.

I would not be shocked if that led to all the right people blocking/defederating me.

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Every now and then I see boosts on the account I intend to use for talking about games and I think following them on this account would be worthwhile, but remote follow doesn't work and I can't see their toots (or even their account) on this account.

Wondering if it's an issue of this being a small instance that hasn't federated much or if I've managed to be blocked/defederated by that many people already.

fediblock for reasons both obvious and tiresome


I've reached the point where most times a fediblock is recommended, I'm already blocking it.

Which I suppose is good.

There are exceptions, which is why I keep checking every time I see one suggested.

I am now the proud owner of a cast iron frying pan.

I've used cast iron before, but it was always someone else's.

So was this one, by which I mean I got it from a thrift store. Minor rust spots on the bottom but otherwise OK.

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