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I reach Inbox Zero by starting with the oldest messages at the bottom of my inbox and working my way up.

This likely makes some individuals, who send frequent replies and thus bump those threads to the top of my queue, rather upset.

I get to their emails, I don't ignore them by any means, but their behavior pattern is effectively letting more patient individuals get their responses first.

(And FYI, I made sure to respond to all my pending emails BEFORE typing this.)


I am drinking a freshly brewed cup of recently picked peppermint I grew in my backyard.

So that is good, at least. :blobcoffee:

Good morning, today is a socially distant vet day.

The cat does not get to be socially distant from the vet, much to his dismay.

Watching Adam Savage go into R2D2 style whistles during a sewing project is not something I expected, but I am happy to have encountered it.

What is "Inbox Zero?" :boost_ok:

Me: "I will certainly remember that I have placed [important tool] in my back pocket."

Narrator: "He didn't remember."

This is a morning for attempting to log into personal accounts with my school credentials, if you're wondering what my mindset is.

Why yes, I /did/ just spend two and a half hours turning my desk 90 degrees.

But in my defense, my cable management is sooo much better now.

Ladies Navigate CS
Begins: Saturday, October 10th

Participants will have an opportunity to meet and ask questions to current Computer Science undergraduate students during the student panel

Register by October 7th:

The Creative Computing Program

Enrichment program that provides students (grades 4-8) who identify as female or as Black, Latinx, or Native American, experiences with computer science concepts

Register by 9-10:

Awesome Mastodon users can be added to an RSS reader (such as the awesome NetNewsWire) so I can now review all the stuff i miss from @dajbelshaw and more like so …

"We don't do just the 'sit and get' around here."

I am in a training with my kind of people.

Why did no one warn me how vile the brand 8 o'clock coffee tastes?

I don't want to throw out coffee when I've paid good money for it, but then again ...

Hawaii Schools Dump Distance Learning Program Over ‘Racist’ Content

FYI, the program getting dropped is Acellus Learning Accelerator.

Quebec says private schools can't force students to wear masks in classrooms

"Province says private schools must use same guidelines as public schools"

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