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"You don't need a new tablet, you don't use the one you have," I say to myself, reinforcing the idea that I am slowly turning into my parents.

What is the best mastodon client for ios lately?

I am not mad today.

I am tired and disappointed, but I'm not mad.

Friend asking for donations, close to goal 

$55 to go, help a friend of mine set up their home printing studio, why don't you?

I mean ... if you can.

Watching a video of a camping trip and the videographer, who certainly knows more than I when it comes to outdoorsmanship, is using a Leatherman can opener backwards.

It is comforting to know that even experts have room for growth.

Power company: "Your bill is expected to be higher than the same time last year."

Me: Hm, how has my work environment changed since October of last year? 🤔

I have been blessed with the rare Socket Blep. :sockethead:

Didn't last long enough for me to get a photo, but it was there.

This Prime Day, maybe Jeff Bezos should pay his taxes.


Give a BIPOC person money for Indigenous Peoples Day.

Thank you.

@crash ok my honest first thought after reading that was

"lovecraft screams in the distance"

The "Hey, mutuals, what color am I?" meme, but all of the color swatches are outside of the human-visible light spectrum.

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