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I remember when reCaptcha was a project to help crowdsource digitizing books for places like the Gutenberg Project.

Good times.

It's a shame what happened.

If you have a little spare cash, I could use a hand. I'm not completely broke yet but I'm getting there, and my anxiety about it is getting bad enough that it's interfering with my ability to get things done.

Thank you for any help you can give, even if it's just a boost. :blobpurpleheart:

Using the "Reply All" button in email should require a user to slowly count down from 10 while looking at videos of fluffy animals before they can type their response.

Still having a hard time believing the early '00s was 20 years ago

The latest XKCD hits me right in the feels.

It's a good comic, but maybe not one I personally should have read.


Trump Will Have To Pay $7.9 Million If He Really Wants Wisconsin Recount

"Recounts are not automatic under Wisconsin law. But any losing candidate who is within 1 point of the winner can request one. Trump lost by about six-tenths of a point, based on unofficial results. Candidates must pay for recounts if they are more than 0.25 points behind the winner."

My school day has just ended.

Important things were done.

I do not regret the effort.

I have however cannot find any of my spoons.

On the porch I hear the drips
As the temp outside slowly dips
But as far as I know
Not low enough to snow.


In today's November Blog Update:

- @kde Community Edition #PinePhone coming December 1st

- RK3566 announced as one of our next generation platforms

- #PinebookPro Docking Deck

- #Pinecil on sale within the next month

- Enough other announcements to write a novel about... luckily Lukasz already did that for me. :)

This is your irregular reminder to caption your images. Yes, even your memes. Thank you.

a deep-fried pastry that's filled with blood and can turn into a cookie in the shape of a bat 


A film about a health inspector gathering a group of experts to infiltrate a business and expose dangerous operating practices 

OSHA's Eleven

There was a time in my life when I did not think of 7:30 as "sleeping in," but here we are.

I think the thing that is right now preventing me from making a Pi 0 laptop is I would want to mainly use it when I am out and about, and *gestures widely* that activity will not be on my todo list for some time.

But I still kind of want to.

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