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"'impossible' does not mean 'very difficult.' 'very difficult' is winning the nobel prize; 'impossible' is eating the sun."

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The work continues.

Or it will, in just over a week.

I'm on break.

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by the way i got a cat.. meet Cowboy. he was very small a month ago but now he is almost normal sized at just over 6 months old.

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Reminder: freedom of speech does not entitle you to:

anyone paying you to speak
a third party providing you a platform for your speech
anyone listening to you speak
freedom from criticism for your speech

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And I personally think that this points to what should be the natural cut-off for copyright law.

If somebody is making a *commercial* use of some content (ie., using it to make money) then the full force of copyright should apply, and I'd be right there with you looking for protections.

But if people are making personal non-commercial use of content, then copyright law should not apply at all. You bought it, you can use it how you want.


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The opposition to copyright has developed as a response to this greatly increased set of limitations.

It has taken a set of laws originally intended to apply to commercial publishers seeking to profit from redistribution, and applied them instead to individual people seeking to use content the way they always used to in the past.

So people are pushing back into this intrusion into their lives. Why should it *matter* if I share music, or artwork, with my friends?


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With digital content, the Doctrine of First Sale has disappeared. We no longer 'own' the work we have purchased, but rather, have purchased only a license.

This makes many uses of digital content - such as reselling it, or loading it, or even using it on different devices, a violation of copyright.

Imagine buying a photograph for your living room, but being told you would have to buy it *again* if you wanted to hang it in your kitchen.


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We could argue about term extensions and such, but I think that the real issue lies elsewhere.

Historically, the sale of a creative work was subject to the 'Doctrine of First Sale', which means, in essence, that when you but something, it's yours to do with as you please.

With a work of art, for example, this would include being able to lend it to a friend, or to sell it to someone, etc. This is what make, eg., libraries possible.


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I think very few people argue for the abolition of copyright altogether.

The situation you describe, where a corporation takes someone's content, is exactly what motivated the original copyright law, the Statute of Anne, in 1710.

Book authors would release a book only to find a large publisher would take it and print it, keeping all the profits for itself.

I think almost everybody would agree that people - not just artists - need protection from this.


Good morning.

I am tired.

But also it's the last day before Spring Break, and students are doing their independent project show-and-tell today.

So I'm going to be OK, I think.

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I refuse to endorse any revolution that expects my students to suffer for it.

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Hey, quick question.

If we get rid of copyright law altogether, what recourse will one of my art students have when a corporation takes the stuff they've made and uses their much more robust infrastructure to do whatever they want with it?

Because this is already happening to independent photographers, but right now they can do something about it.

Yes copyright needs reform. Yes it's being abused. But it's also an important tool allowing independent artists to stay afloat.

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Since I don't speak French, I feel the need to ask:

What the hell did do? :blobtilt:

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I'm laughing as I inform you that there is an instance at before I put it in my trebuchet and hurl it into the sun.


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