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We're a G Suite school, and I'm still logged in on my phone, so I can access files there.

I'm still miraculously logged into Zoom on my desktop, which is rare as I tend to have to log in on that.

I am not currently logged into Canvas on any device, so that's a "hope it's fixed before then" problem.

And all of this depends on students themselves finding ways to connect and not just giving up after their first attempt doesn't go through.

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Thing is, my school is one of the later starting ones in my district. If the authentication server went down last night rather than this morning, there's a significant number of schools where the staff and students might already be calling today a wash.

Instruction for my building doesn't start for 20 minutes. Hopefully this won't be our case as well.

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New fav. Quote: "We build our computer systems the way we build our cities: over time, without a plan, on top of ruins." -- Ellen Ullman

"If you can't log in you can always declare today's lessons to be asynchronous."

I could, if I could log in to tell students today's work was asynchronous, and also share said work, modified to be asynchronous.

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Anyway, good morning. :blobcoffee:

Today, as with all Wednesdays until the end of the school year, is a "Work from home" day. Work will commence as soon as I can log in to my school account, which will hopefully be before my 1st grade class starts.

Carbonite keeps emailing me about sales, but I don't have the infinite number of computers needing backups that they seem to think I have.

Apparently there can only be one ... person named Josh.

OK, this story's 2nd to last paragraph made me feel a bit better.

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If you don't have the cash or prefer not to contribute, please just boost this:

Between groceries, bills, a surprisingly large vet bill, and having to replace my car's windshield, I am low on funds. If you have a couple dollars, I could use a hand.

I have a Patreon here:

If you'd prefer to make a one-time donation:

Canvas LMS pilot program 

And, too be honest, my students aren't currently enamored with Canvas. We've been using Google Classroom for years because we're a G Suite school, and with *gestures broadly at a CW-able topic* We've only now reached the point where it's being used in all their classes.

It's what they know, and it works with most of the tools we use.

Canvas ... doesn't, but it has other tools and we're going to have to learn them.

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Hopefully one of the last requests for money i will have in a while.

Rent is due on the first.

I get paid the amount needed.... After the first. Like sunday afternoon.

Any assistance would be LOVELY.

Hell, i can even pay back after said paycheck. Lmk.


Canvas LMS pilot program 

Also had a great time putting bold, all-caps instructions saying I was only grading the answers written in Canvas, which of course resulted in the most detailed responses ever to be written in Google Classroom. :P

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Canvas LMS pilot program 

The bad news today is that Canvas stopped loading properly.

Not on most computers, just the one that I most often use when teaching the class in our pilot program.

Didn't matter what browser I used, either. Best guess is it's because my school is treating wired connections differently from wireless connections.

Luckily I had another computer I could use, but the main one doesn't have wi-fi and usb adapters don't handle streaming video conversations very well.

I just watched a short segment showing how green screen compositing can be done in Blender and I have a lot less interest in using Blender now.

If I can do all the same things in OpenShot, I don't see why I'd need to do several times the work to get the same result.

Keep in mind, nothing in this composite was 3D.

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Good morning, friends!

Today my students start using the Canvas LMS for real.

Which means I'll be using the Canvas LMS for real.

No pressure.

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I don't know if you can hear him purring, but Jobasha is reeeally enjoying this box

I can ride my bike with no handlebars,
But not for very long.
Like, I'll fall over almost immediately.
So I guess I can't ride a bike without handlebars at all.

Huh. Apparently my IconCache.db was corrupt or something.

Oh, this feels a lot better now.

Good morning, friends.

Today my TAG students show off their independent projects and my Tech Concepts students wrap up their first project of the course. (It's a 9 week class, we've only just started.)

Also I will be banging my head against Canvas because as an LMS it seems neat but also it is full of interesting problems that are engaging enough for me to lose track of time.

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