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"RSVP on Facebook"

Well as much as I love your organization (and I really, really do love it) I guess I won't be attending your event, I'm sorry.

"Hi, I am a leading franchising expert with..."

Lemme stop you right there and sort this email properly.

Casual reminder that the "S" in "IOT" is for "Security."

Firefox 89 is here! 🔥🦊

⌨️ Better keyboard navigation for editable BoxModel properties in the Inspector panel
🔥 The long-awaited top-level await keyword for JavaScript modules is now enabled
✔️ The type() function for image-set() has been implemented

Original tweet :

tipping my hat at the longest-lived biblical patriarch 


apt life 

10pm on a school night is a great time to vacuum the whole apartment, or so thinks my upstairs neighbor.

Sitting in my parked car, listening to the rain, while drinking a fresh coffee.

There are worse ways to start a morning, i think.

Good morning, friends.

Here is some good news to brighten your Friday:

WTOP Top Kid: Md. 10-year-old’s love of books helped her start shared library

Accidentally set my coffeemaker to brew now instead of setting it to brew in he morning.

I've made worse mistakes, but I am ever so slightly annoyed.

Bad news: I keep missing phone calls.

Good news: They're from numbers I don't recognize and they don't leave messages.

Well, I am back online, but maybe the fact I got knocked offline by the storm should be a clue that now is the time for bed.

Be kind to each other, friends.

If you like my toots, please consider subscribing to Crash Pro.

It offers no discernible benefits, and many would (rightfully) argue that it doesn't actually exist, but people have historically given more money for less of a product.

This is my mech, (caps) 


joke involving a food metaphor and mastodon, which I suppose would make it a meta-phor (Ha! I added a separate joke to the CW!) 

"Mastodon is crumbling, and now that we've collected all the fragments it's time to sprinkle them over our cupcakes' icing to add a delicious texture on top."

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