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Maintenance drove their truck up to my back door because it was easier to bring all their stuff in that way, took the panel off the AC unit, then left saying they'd be right back.

Nice to know I provided an interesting problem.

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Me when I submit a report about my AC being broken: "I have a fan that can keep me cool so it's not a big emergency, I know maintenance will get here when they can."

Me 7 hours later: "Why isn't it fixed yet?!"

(It's a fairly large complex, I really don't expect instant service because this isn't an emergency.)

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Biden will apparently make an executive order to the FTC to create rules for right to repair.

Given that the FTC has already resoundingly denounced artificial repair limitations in a recent report of theirs, this looks good for Right to Repair the US.

It is very warm here but I am at a cabin in the woods and this is nice.

We use cookies to improve our experience. Usually we go with chocolate chip but sometimes we get the ones with M&Ms in them.

I'm not saying the operator of the new fork is wrong for doing so right now.

I'm saying I know coding isn't easy, and a project as large as Audacity is likely far from a trivial task.

So they need help.

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The new Audacity fork is great and all but it needs more coders to support it if the only advice you have for end users is "Go get the stuff off the main site with all its sketchy code still in it."

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@crash You could go with Ardour, which is more complex but great! I recommend the videos by @unfa to learn it.

Audacity has been my goto audio editor for well over a decade, so ...

... what alternatives are out there?

If blockchain's the solution, what's the precipitate?

This is nothing. 

I would like some breakfast.

Could blockchain be the solution?

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