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(Granted, it will only solve the problem in MY OWN classroom so there's still a repercussion for students breaking things, but at least they're less likely to fall behind in my class.)

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Anyway, I'm making a disk image of my set up RPi Chromium OS in anticipation of it still not being a bad idea for student use.

If it isn't, most of the work was a background process while I played video games.

If it is, then I get to use hardware that's been collecting dust for over a year to solve a known and persistent problem in my district, which is that ChromeBooks break when small children drop them a lot and we can't buy new ones fast enough.

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Switching over to my PineBook because I can't be bothered to find a decent Windows program for making disk images when I figured out how to do that in Linux years ago.

I enjoy solving interesting problems but extra work with little to no payout is not an interesting problem.

ExplainingComputers YouTube Video: "ChromiumOS for RPi!"

Me: :blobpi:

Linked Website: "Known bugs include unrecoverable states if you press 3 keys on the left side of the keyboard or if the RPi ever goes to sleep."

Me: :blobcoffeegrump:

(For the record I was interested in this because my students need to use ChromeBooks for school but sometimes those ChromeBooks break. This would be an easy way to help them, at least in my room, as I already have RPis for student use.)

Oh, hey, apparently someone scraped LinkedIn to get a whole bunch of email addresses.

For me it means my work email, which was already out there because it's on my school website, is now more out there.

For others, I imagine this might be more concerning.

Apparently my alarm went off and then I slept for another two hours.

It's a good thing today's not a school day, but there ARE things on my to-do list for this morning...

I spent considerable time tonight fiddling with my mic settings, and the conclusion that I reached was that everything I did right in hardware and even in Windows was ruined by Discord trying to improve upon it.

I could give myself a worse display name, but it would be the kind of scary that just makes everyone more depressed, including me.

So I will instead have the parents on here expect an email notification any ... moment ... now.

(FYI, @noelle wins "Spoopiest October Name." The rest of us are runners up.)

New "scary for October" name selected.

"Crash, emailing parents about grades and behavior on a Friday afternoon" was too long to fit.

widower thought 

My wife's birthday is exactly one month from today.

"We need to provide learning spaces for everyone, even people who may have said something offensive."

On this website we can ban/block/mute at will, and often should.

In my classroom, my job is to teach. When someone speaks out of ignorance in my class, that is a venue where they deserve the opportunity to learn.

That is now not just what I feel is the right thing for me to do, it's also OFFICIALLY the expectation.

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"I wonder how many of you are exhibiting body language or facial expressions that show you are uncomfortable or unconcerned."

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Survey on where people find joy had "Anime" as one of the top results.

That was unexpected. It shouldn't have been, but it was.

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Make no mistake, having an Administrative Procedure that has been approved by the upper hierarchy isn't going to fix everything right away.

There will undoubtedly be teachers and even administrators who look the other way when violations occur.

But now when that happens, there can be actual repercussions for doing so.

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Watching a panel including current and former students from our district. All of them shared their pronouns in their introductions.

On this website, that's common. For my district, during an official district training, this is very meaningful as a positive change in policy.

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Today's PD is about our new district-wide policy supporting non-cis students.

The changes recently have been quite positive.

They're going to annoy certain people.


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