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Food, laziness 

I want food from the local Chinese place, but I don't want to walk to the local Chinese food place.

I'm lazy but not willing to pay the extra for delivery, so I should probably put my shoes on anyway.

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You have to shenan before you can shenanigan.


So, uh ...

If your instance knowingly federates with instances that harbor anti-vaxxers ...

... maybe find a better instance rather than arguing with anti-vaxxers?

They don't know what good-faith arguments are, anyway.

I have computers on which I can install Linux and Win10, but not ChromeOS.

I'd be amused if I didn't prefer ChromeOS for this specific use case.

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More of my Kindergarten students have broken their Chromebooks than I have computers in my lab to facilitate students who don't have Chromebooks.

The replacement Chromebooks that have been ordered have not arrived in some time, with no word on when they will arrive, what with the global chip shortage and all.

Currently trying to install Neverware ChromeOS on older machines, but success rate is far below 100%.

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Hi! My internet radio station ( is currently being played in several local businesses in Ellijay GA.

We're accepting submissions for music to play on the radio, if you'd like your band to be heard by folks from and traveling to Ellijay, GA, and the handful of folks that listen online, HMU!

"It does come personalized, if your name is Kieth."

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I would like an open source RSS reader that runs on Linux and Windows, ideally one where I can save its information (what feeds I've subscribed to, what posts I've read) to a directory or file that I can sync between devices with SyncThing.

Is there something like this that exists already?

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Howdy world! Looking for a new independent webcomic, peertube series, podcast, or music project to consume.

What have you been enjoying?

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Since I've seen the new DUNE movie, I've been unable to dislodge the image of " Benny Hill Jesuit" from my mind 😐

It looks like got a redesign.

Everything looks 25% better and is loading 500% slower.

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I've never been good at introducing things I've been working on, so I'm just going to let this speak for itself. I'm pretty sure the URL alone will let you know what it's about:

Good morning, friends.

It is the last Friday of the Quarter, with it scheduled to end on Tuesday of next week.

My CS Discoveries students have their multi-page website projects due today.

My 3rd graders are critiquing how I taught our Graphic Design unit.

I get to hand out the first of the notebook computers to one of my virtual students.

And no fewer than 5 teachers will be out today, so I might end up covering classes instead of having planning time/lunch.

"This computer powered on but could not start in Windows and needs to be checked out or repaired by a professional. This computer did have the hard drive removed."

Uh ... I don't think I need a professional to explain to me why it isn't booting to Windows ...

Good morning, friends. :blobcoffee:

The end of the Quarter approaches, and there have been very few parents asking if missed work can be made up.

(Spending 2 weeks sending emails about my deadline for submitting missed work may have helped with this.)

I'd take missed work up until the last day if I could guarantee I'd have time to grade the eventual last-minute tsunami, but I can't be sure I could.

So alas, those students and parents who wait until then to check grades will be out of time.

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Covid booster shot 

Gentle reminder that if you're able, getting a covid booster shot now-ish would be a good idea.

From what I've read, boosters still take 7-14 days to reach peak effectiveness, and that's heading right into the core holidays in America.

I want you all to stay healthy, friendos.

In grading our recent video project, I am noticing two main deficits among my Middle School students.

1. Disconnect regarding citations and permission to use the work of others. "I got these from Google" is almost a direct quote. I can't think of where in academia that's acceptable.

2. Aspect ratios. Not just recording vertical video then editing it in a horizontal format, but including images that don't fit the 16:9 that's industry standard.

One of these is easier to fix than the other.

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Good morning, friends. :blobcoffee:

Yesterday was not as productive as I'd hoped, but I still did more in one day than I'd managed in quite some time. I see a light at the end of this tunnel and I'm 75% sure it is not a train.

Have not distributed the computers yet, but hope to have some of the parents pick them up this week.

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