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It's already been announced that we're teleworking all week so I don't expect much to change IRT my lesson plans, at least so long as we don't have additional power outages.

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Oh hey, another storm's rolling in with 5 inches of snow expected.


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NOT: Non ownable tokens. If you give me money, I will destroy a universally unique set of data on your behalf giving you the sole right to say you are the person who destroyed that specific data. The content cannot be reveled to the buyer as they are only buying the destruction and not the information. Proceeds will benefit me temporarily and nobody in the long term.

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I was gonna drop all the small amounts of cash I got this past week in my bank account (due to having less than like 10 customers a day at work due to covid) so i could maybe hobble together a car payment.


now I can't.

So... does anyone want to help me get enough money to pay my car payment?

I currently have, let's say, $225ish. and I need $300.

What are some good screen recording apps for Android and iOS?

I'm looking for suggestions I can give my students, so ideally I'd like them to be free and without watermarks.

Free is a must have, watermarks are begrudgingly accepted if that's what students have to endure for the app to be free.

A possible solution is to co-opt the very distractions that are keeping students from doing the assignments.

It worked for Minecraft back in the day, and I'd not be shocked if I could do it again.

I'm going to have a talk with my elective Middle School class today to get their feedback and we'll see how things go from there. If we can manage this well I won't even need to change the rubric for our current project.

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I am working from home today and the temptation to work on a personal editing project is strong.

I get why so many students choose to not do their work. I really do.

I try to have my lessons be more enjoyable so there's some motivation there, and I'm blessed to teach subjects where I've been given that leniency, but I'm competing with Roblox, Fortnite, and Among Us.

That's a hard battle to fight.

If all classes assessed the same skills, schools would only teach one class.

Doing well in Language Arts did not give me an automatic pass for my Math classes.

I coasted through RE/LA. I STRUGGLED through Math.

Multiple Intelligences are a thing. Growth Mindset is a thing.

You can work to improve, but skill in one area does not = universal understanding and mastery of all skills.

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Parents, I beg you.

Please, do not play the "My child gets high grades in their other classes" card.

Just don't.

"Get a first aid kit. This is the only educational part of this video that you should pay attention to."

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MDpol, covid 

Gov Hogan: We're going to have 5,000 hospitalized for covid at the same time, that's 250% more than our last peak. I'm declaring a state of emergency.

Also Gov Hogan: I don't see any reason why schools should be virtual. In fact, lockdowns are a bad idea. Get out and mingle, people! For the economy!

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The AI thing I've been using, it builds an image over 30 iterations and shows you the image each step while it's refining the final image. When this one had finished, I saved all 30 images, imported them as an image sequence in kdenlive and saved as a video ^.^

#AIArt (CW: it's AI-generated art so may be disturbing to look at, but it's fae-themed, ruins overgrown with lush greenery)

Pouring coffee in the humidifier like a normal, functioning adult.

A minor annoying thing is that I send out my "Here's what we're doing tomorrow along with all relevant links" emails the day before, all scheduled to go out just before the school day would normally end.

Which is significantly earlier than school's been closed for these two days.

In the grand scheme of lesson planning it's not a big deal, but that's two days of emails that are now outdated and unneeded.

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Aaaaaand we're closed tomorrow.

Being 1:1 with devices doesn't matter if power (and therefore, internet) is out, and my school system serves a very large area including locations with more vulnerable power lines.

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I have a strong suspicion that I will again have no school tomorrow, but I intend to assume school will be in session (including a last minute scheduled early morning meeting specifically involving Wednesday's PD) until I am told otherwise.

Step 1. Refilled the bird feeder, intentionally spilling a lot of it on my freshly shoveled patio.

Step 2. Moved a shelf over to my patio door that's just the right height to be slightly below the door's window.

Results: Cat TV subscription just got renewed. Socket is on the shelf, looking out the window, and chittering profusely.

If it's your ball of wax, sure, great, but...

1. Most charter schools would be a pay cut for me. As a public school employee, that's saying something.

2. I tried working in a high school. It wasn't fun. I prefer K-8.

3. You need to do a lot of convincing to pull me out of a classroom. I became a teacher to teach.

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Just got sent an unsolicited job offer for a non-classroom position in a charter high school and

[laughter redacted]

I'm going to respectfully decline the offer.

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