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Good morning, friends.

I woke up to see that there are people out there making bad choices again.

My 6th graders know better. That gives me hope for the future.

So many adults do not. That makes me worry we won't last long enough for the 6th graders to take over.

Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind had a nearly 30 MB update today.

It was released in 2002, and 20 years later it just had an update.

I'm almost certain the update relates to SteamDeck/Linux compatibility, but dang that's a long time for supporting a game.

I approve.

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musk twitter 

That smell is Musk confirming he will reverse Trump's Twitter ban.

Surprising no-one, delighting frozen-peaches everywhere.

But yeah, I get it. The Academy Awards don't say "And everyone did well."

No one says "And these 14 films all met the criteria to win an Oscar for Special Effects this year."

We model it after how things are, not how this one teacher would like them to be.

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I understand the reasoning, but I still don't like how our Film Fest is a zero sum game. There can be only one winner in each category.

The performing arts in our school also have festivals, where theoretically each school could bring home all "Superiors" in the areas where they're assessed. (This does not happen, but regulations allow it.)

This was my opinion when we averaged 1 or 2 nominations/year.

After this incredible increase in nominations ... it's still my opinion.

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If you are new to the fedi and not finding it the community driven space you were made to feel it would be where you can know your mods and the people around you: get off mastodon social or mastodon online.

For a lot of you, one of those will have been your landing point here. They each have an *enormous* number of users and moderation teams that struggles to keep up. They also don't have blocklists that are as complete as others.

Smaller instances are a very different experience to that.

Film Festival update:

I won't go over all the awards in detail but we won in multiple categories.

A significant number of prize winners are 6th graders, so they're doing this well their /first/ year in the program. We have them for two more years after this.

I am so proud.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but ...

... It's the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Good morning, friends.

Today the winners or our Film Festival are announced.

Our students are up for several awards. They're the only middle schoolers to submit animations so we have that one category locked down, but I am very interested in the other results.

Which will be announced while I am halfway through a team meeting.

My attention ... may be divided.

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#fediblock, potential new accounts, misogyny, harassment 

Be wary if you get any new accounts from someone with the username @ DrKarateChop

This person has been suspended from .art and .social both in less than 48 hours, for hostility to other users, misogyny brushed off as irony, and bad faith lying about .art being "pro life" because it was suggested he not conflate pro choice to only being about abortion.

He also seems to think expecting users to follow the TOS makes people a cop.

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tired: orders of magnitude

wired: hors d'oeuvres of magnitude

Mastodon dot social continues to be a mistake.

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Me: this is more of a cat than a question
Lecturer: ??
Me: *gently lobs a cat onto the stage*

With every instance that has an :ellie: emote, @noelle grows in power.

This is a good thing, if you like puns.

Which you should.

This morning I went from 80+ unread emails down to 12 and somehow feel less productive for my efforts.

Me: *Glances at clock.*

Me: "OK, I have time to do one more thing before..."

Clock: *Fast forwards 20 minutes while I complete a 3 minute task.*

1st sentence of article: "Until March 2020, American schooling looked much like it had in 1920."

Yeah, and since then most powers that be have been striving to take us back, because the new might be better but the new is not "the way we've always done it."

Good morning, friends.

This is a week without testing (not actually true, but our schedule isn't changing for it and I haven't been asked to proctor), but the dance production is gearing up.

My own responsibilities should be returning to normal today, provided nothing unexpected takes place.

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