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Good morning, friends.

Let's see if yesterday's brain break gave me the mental fortitude to finish 3 lesson plans today.

I wonder if Mint 21 will run on a PineBook Pro...

Good morning, friends.

I've been staring at my computer for an hour.

I don't think I'll be writing any lesson plans today.

Article: New Gmail Attack Bypasses Passwords And 2FA To Read All Email

It's malware that runs on Chrome, Edge, a Korean browser named Whale, and the article doesn't specify but I assume based on this that it can also run on any Chromium based browser as well.

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There are people who think Fedi is useless because you can't market your business on it.

Some of the teachers in this program were trained and hired back when it was video production with an emphasis on television.

We've come a long way, but while most (all?) of us are willing to branch out to the other areas of digital media, that takes time we don't always have.

I'm not writing these lessons as if I'm the only expert in the field. I don't have that level of hubris.

I'm writing them to save everyone, including me, the time of having to write them during the school year.

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There's already more than a year's worth of lessons in this curriculum. I could legitimately stop now, delete the placeholders in Canvas that point to the missing lessons, and call it a summer.

But my whole goal for this rewrite was to give students as many choices as possible, and the missing lessons are in areas further outside the expertise of some teachers in this content area.

(There has been a slow and steady shift to include more digital media beyond video production.)

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5 lessons to go until this curriculum is complete.

Naturally, they're the 5 lessons I've been putting off until now.

Just got an email saying a book I pre-ordered came out today.

This is not making it easier to concentrate on the lesson writing process.

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Just finished a series of lessons designed to create a weekly school podcast.

Teachers still need to approve topics/recordings and add them to an RSS feed, but the heavy lifting can and should be done by the students.

Honestly, I'd write it so students do everything, but this is for 11-13 year old kids. "Better safe than sorry" is a strategy to live by when it comes to making content be public on the internet.

One more lesson plan to write until I hit my personal daily goal.

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I discovered that during college, and that trick is just
so good

Advice to new-ish teachers:

If a student tries to assert a patently false statement, ask them to support their assertion with evidence from the text.

This can be a metaphorical or literal text depending on the situation, but either it will make it clear that you expect proof and therefore end the conversation, or confuse them long enough for you to have them return to their seat and find something more productive to do.

Good morning, friends.

7 lesson plans to go.

Then I start thinking about my other classes.

I won't manage to rewrite those courses to the same level I'm doing this one, but that's OK. Those courses were rewritten last year and I can manage with some thematic changes to keep the lessons fresh.

Heck, for my K-2 lessons I could probably teach everything as I did last year while only changing the lesson dates.

I /won't/ do that, because I get bored easily, but I /could/.

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Come to think of it, lets you publish pdf files so you probably /could/ use it for academic papers if you wanted.

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Imagine, if you will:, but for academic papers.

Celebrity Death, Star Trek 

Nichelle Nichols has passed away at age 89. Rest in peace.

food, unorthodox preparation 

I've been making my morning oatmeal with coffee rather than water for some time now, and I've honestly enjoyed it.

I just made some ramen using some coffee left over from this morning with the same result.

I'm now wondering what else I should make with coffee.

An odd result of my gaming switching to 100% online has been that I'm less inclined to buy mountains of dice.

I still like shiny math rocks, but I tend to not use them when I can roll on a screen and not have my cat decide they should be chased.

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