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I'm Aaron, a Media Arts / Technology teacher for a K-8 Creative & Performing Arts Academy.

Before I did this, I was a Visual Arts teacher.

I'm very much into , , , , , the movement, and the idea that artists should be fairly compensated for the work they do (vs reposting said work without even attribution).

My politics lean left, but I don't talk about that much here.

I'm a widower.

I talk about games on @Crash.

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Things I Try To Not Do (A non-comprehensive list) 

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@djsundog @NOCARRIER @theartguy ok but what's the difference between watery and faucety? Is it flow?

@theartguy I read this to my partner, a nurse, she said “don’t forget watery, lumpy, and faucety”

I have no idea what to do with that. Faucety Jazz.

The existence of "smooth jazz" implies the existence of other jazz textures. 🎶

Rough jazz
Shiny jazz
Matte jazz

Today was our first club meeting with students DMing. We had two co-DMs and they did a FANTASTIC job.

I got to play a kobold paladin named Mox. The other players included an 8 year old half-elf bard who played the recorder and had the noble background (the servants were rebranded as babysitters) and an 85 year old human wizard who was a folk hero because he saved a bunch of ants in a tree.

We had a lot of fun.

If a reasonable person could imagine your reply as starting with "well, actually...", consider not posting that reply

Because I can I made a :moxkobold: emoji. I'll likely turn it into a vinyl sticker with my Cricut cutter for my next club meeting, when I get to play Mox the kobold paladin.

(He found a pamphlet that allowed him to take a correspondence course on paladining.)

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