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I'm Aaron, a Media Arts / Technology teacher for a K-8 Creative & Performing Arts Academy.

Before I did this, I was a Visual Arts teacher.

I'm very much into , , , , , the movement, and the idea that artists should be fairly compensated for the work they do (vs reposting said work without even attribution).

My politics lean left, but I don't talk about that much here.

I'm a widower.

I talk about games on @Crash.

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Things I Try To Not Do (A non-comprehensive list) 

Welcome new users!

I've written an Increasingly Less-Brief Introduction to Mastodon that you might find helpful: (don't be scared of the github link, it's just a rich text file)

Be excellent to each other and 🍍 on!

Monitor at the thrift store for $15, heck yeah!

the whole "no such thing as a free lunch" seems really damaging to the idea that, yes, kids should definitely get free lunch

Behold the "Book Wheel": The Renaissance Invention Created to Make Books Portable & Help Scholars Study (1588)


Can we be public about thanking our friends on here whenever something nice happens?

Someone says something nice, someone supports you, someone makes you smile.

Let's be open in affirming each other and promoting good behaviors and positivity

Hm, having scrolled through my emails it seems I purchased this computer in early 2012. The older files I found on it must have been transferred over.

Still old, but still newer than the box it'll be replacing in my classroom.

There's a lot of memories I have with this old box.

It was my first Windows tower, ever. (Before that I much preferred MacOS).

I used it to play games alongside my wife, including Warcraft, Minecraft, Diablo, SWTOR, and the now defunct City of Steam.

That said, it will be of much more use in the hands of my students than it would be as a bit of nostalgia in my closet.

Reformatting an old computer of mine and installing Linux on it for my students to use.

On one hand, it's maybe a decade old with an i3 processor.

On the other, it has 4gb of RAM, a terabyte HDD, and it's 64 bit, so it's already a huge leap above the computer it will be replacing.

Today I managed to configure 4 Raspberry Pi computers to play nice with our network's ntp server.

I'm feeling kind of good about that.

Turns out since the Pi4 provided through Donors Choose came with an SD card I can verify works, I can now verify that the Pi4 I bought with my own money ... doesn't work.

Better than the other way around, but I'm still sad that my personal Pi4 is DOA.

Today's adventure in teaching creative problem solving involved turning off all the power strips before class, then having students using the "Define, Prepare, Try, & Reflect" steps to find out why the computers didn't work.

Q: What's the frequency, Kenneth?

A: Everybody Hz.

4 / 21 aging computers in my lab will now be replaced, thanks in part to generous donations from the Fediverse.

Thank you.

Donors Choose, caps 

(Oh, and FYI the moment this is funded you can be darned sure I'm making another Donors Choose project for another R Pi. I started the year with 21 computers I've slated to replace, and I only have so many computers lying around at home.)

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