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I'm Aaron, a Media Arts / Technology teacher for a K-8 Creative & Performing Arts Academy.

Before I did this, I was a Visual Arts teacher.

I'm very much into , , , , , the movement, and the idea that artists should be fairly compensated for the work they do (vs reposting said work without even attribution).

My politics lean left, but I don't talk about that much here.

I'm a widower.

I talk about games on @Crash.

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Things I Try To Not Do (A non-comprehensive list) 

Personal Meta 

on blocking Gab at the instance level 

Shout-out to all the musicians who cover songs but enunciate the lyrics more clearly than the original artists, so that 30+ years later I'm just now understanding what the songs were about.

That or I'm really slow, but there's room for overlap in that Venn diagram.

App Choice, brief fascist mention 

I'm not sure enough people have properly internalised that it's 50 years ago since Bryan Adams got his first real six string.

Thwart nazi efforts on the play store 

I feel I need to clarify β€’ART's stance on instance blocks.

β€’ART's first priority is to the safety and well-being of our users. If there's any way we can accomplish that, we will.

Defederating and active moderation on the instance level allows our users to more confidently exist on Mastodon without fear of harassment from users with harmful ideologies.

Our CoC has always been clear about the type of instances we will defederate with. Many of our users are here because of that mandate.


SciShow did an episode on 5 women in Engineering, including a trans woman. Cool.

Procrastination Through Working 

Procrastination Through Working 

meta, instance block question 

Spoiler Alert is one of the many TMBG songs where the happy go lucky tune runs contrary to the lyrics, and I love it for that.


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