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I'm Aaron, a Media Arts / Technology teacher for a K-8 Creative & Performing Arts Academy.

Before I did this, I was a Visual Arts teacher.

I'm very much into , , , , , the movement, and the idea that artists should be fairly compensated for the work they do (vs reposting said work without even attribution).

My politics lean left, but I don't talk about that much here.

I'm a widower.

I talk about games on @Crash.

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LB: "Most likely, Facebook is on Microsoft's Edge whitelist to support the social network's large collection of legacy Flash games."

Candy Crush will be the death of us all, apparently.

Microsoft Edge contains a hidden whitelist that lets Facebook always run Flash, even bypassing click2play policy:

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Radio host / comedian Joe Clair came to my school today. My students got to ask him questions about what he does and how he got there.

The whole event was incredibly inspirational and I'm glad our kids had this opportunity.

I can take no credit for this. Our other Media Arts teacher did all the organizing and it was incredible.

Welp. I have been hit with one too many unexpected expenses and I'm officially Broke for the rest of the month. If you've got a couple bucks you can toss toward groceries, I'd really appreciate it.

Looks like this is another day for writing something, then deleting it instead of posting it as it does not pass my bar for "worthy enough to be shouted into the void."

I hope I have interesting things to say again, soon.

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Today I shared with my students. It was an eye opening experience for some of them. Led to some good conversation.

as a computer science professor, I would like to report that, 5 weeks into my new job, I got the printer drivers installed successfully

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