Amazon, Google, hardware acquired 

I am now in possession of a significantly discounted Kindle Fire 7" Tablet. It immediately reminds me of how much I miss using my Nexus 7.

The app store makes me miss my Nexus even more, but there are apparently ways to get the Google Play store on it. That's a project for later.

Also got a set of shiny metal dice, ostensibly for use in my D&D club.

(But I got them because they're shiny.)

Amazon, Google, hardware acquired 

Update: Mischief managed, the two evil empires of Amazon and Google can now fight it out on my Kindle Fire, where they insist they are co-habituating peacefully.

A significant part of the instructions for how to do this did not work, but the end result still seems to be the same. 🤷

Did the "new device download all the apps" binge before bed last night. Might uninstall half of them today. We'll see.

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