Photographer Naively Uploads Photo to Royalty-Free Stock Site, Finds Image Used on 500,000+ Walmart Products | Fstoppers

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This is why, when I share my photographs, I share then CC By-SA-NC - so people can use them, but to prevent that exploitation

I know that bridge well. There are many photos of it, maybe even one of mine. It probably wasn't hard for them to find a shot they liked.

@Downes A photo I took was once used in an ad campaign by Virgin Mobile. I was fine with it, but I was the only person in the shot and I wasn't proud enough of the composition to put it under a CC NC license. (I was credited so they followed the CC BY license just fine.)

Another photo (not mine) included people who had not signed waivers to using their likenesses. A lawsuit ensued and things didn't end well for the company.

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