@mastohost But have you thought about offering a service for Peertube hosting? I realize the requirements are much more demanding than a Mastadon instance, but just curious.

@Phaserune I haven't really thought about it. I would have to test the platform and see if that was even viable but I have several other priorities and in the near future will not have the time to look at other platforms.

@mastohost I understand. Streaming video is a whole other beast. I would expect the pricing to not nearly be as affordable.

@Phaserune It's not even that.

There are other platforms that don't stream video that I get requests to host and I also don't accept it. I am a single person running 2 independent online businesses, I am ok with the work I have today :)

@mastohost Oh, I get that as well! I manage my own companies server back end, with the help of a friend. The amount of work he did to get it all set up was astronomical, and maintaining it is no picnic either.

Thanks once again for the great hosting service for Mastodon that you provide! I'm a very happy customer!

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