Linux, I'm stuck. 

I have an eeePC running Debian 8 and I want to wipe it and replace it with Raspbian.

Problem is, I can't get it to boot to USB AT ALL, even a different thumb drive with Debian 10 Live set up on it. Instead, all I get when I spam Esc during boot and selecting the flash drive is a blinking cursor, not even a full command prompt.

I disabled Quiet Boot as more than one forum suggested with no change in the results.


Linux, I'm stuck. 

Update: I have two USB installers and neither one works after testing on 5 different computers, so I'm assuming I have somehow been making them wrong.

Never mind that I've done this right for 10 years now, I seem to have forgotten how to Linux.

Trying again with new USB flash drives and an updated copy of Rufus.

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Linux, I'm stuck. 


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