Save you a click: Get the 2GB or higher model and a decent case that allows airflow and yes, it works pretty well.

Can a Raspberry Pi 4 really replace your PC? | ZDNet

@theartguy I've been using the 4GB model as my main home computer during the week. Mostly, it's for Minetest, web surfing and Mastodon.
I use a Flirc case which offers no airflow to speak of, but acts as one giant heatsink. I've never come close to throttling temps.

@bartleby Writer of the article had multiple cases, some which raised the temps up to levels where throttling occurred.

Of the Pis I use in my classroom, I had a Pi 3 get that hot when a student opened @ 15 Firefox windows, but otherwise I agree. We even use the Pi4 for video editing with OpenShot.

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