Other than a small sticker on the bottom there is no visible branding on the @PINE64 PineBook Pro. All the stickers I add now will be for purely aesthetic reasons.

(Images: Three views of the unboxed PineBook, bottom, top, and open)

Up and running!

Had to set the PineBook time/date manually as it thought it was last summer and I'm glad I noticed it was set to a UK rather than US keyboard before I typed too many passwords, but it seems to be functional at the moment.

Will be taking it home to run updates outside of my employer's firewall.

Update: PineBook Pro is updated and currently being used for its intended purpose as a cat chair. 🐱

@RussSharek So far, I like it. No "buyer's remorse" as of yet, to be certain.

I'm going to try to use it for work as much as I can this week to get a better feel for the performance. I'm expecting it to be similar to the Raspberry Pi 4s I have in my classroom.


I'll look forward to seeing how it fares as a daily driver.

What distro are you running on it for your test?

@RussSharek Sticking with the Debian with custom MATE that came with it for now.


Good to know. Running Debian here. How is the custom build different?

@RussSharek I've never played with MATE before so it's hard to tell. Only recently figured out the default is 32 bit Debian though, so I might soon be installing something different anyway.


I'd love to know how 64bit Buster flies on that thing.

@theartguy Okay so this is the one laptop I'd put a sticker on, assuming @PINE64 has stickers.

@gudenau I have a Cricut cutter and some adhesive vinyl so I'll be designing my own. :)

@theartguy @gudenau Hey @theartguy if you have extra room on your sheet print up some extras for the rest of us "piners" to buy from you! Please share pics when you're done. DHL brought my PBP this afternoon--can't wait till the kids go to sleep!

@BillD @theartguy (I don't have one myself, but I am looking forward to what they will do in the future)

@zaehnchen @PINE64 Whoops, yeah, there's that. Much better design than the windows icon I normally have to deal with.

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