PineBook Pro 

Hit my first "this is not a high-power device" issue with my PineBook. Was asked to look at a BET link at a staff meeting and even with U-Block Origin in Firefox that single page loaded so much additional stuff that the PineBook froze.


Also today there was an Excel file that was too complex to open but higher end computers took over 30 seconds to load the same file so I'm not overly concerned with that one.

re: PineBook Pro 

@theartguy Did you get the OS installed internally?

re: PineBook Pro 

@c0debabe Not yet. I'm using it as my main work machine and I can't budget the time to get all the settings to the way I want them while also doing grades and lesson plans.

This weekend, however... There will be geekery.

re: PineBook Pro 

@c0debabe So ... is the installer supposed to show the Manjaro logo and the little dots spinning for a long time, or has my PineBook hung up while trying to boot the emmc installer?

re: PineBook Pro 

@theartguy it's a slow install yeah

re: PineBook Pro 

@c0debabe Ah, OK. I didn't know if there was supposed to be a UI or not. I'll let it percolate, then.

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