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I've been enjoying Manjaro Arm on my ... except for the random update every month or so that breaks it to the point where I have to do a full reinstall.

I'm thinking this latest meltdown is a good excuse to try a different distro.

PineBook Pro 

Upon further inspection it appears my microSD card is done for. 64 GB card can't be formatted and Windows seems to think it has less than a GB of space, usable or otherwise.

Third card I've had die since getting the PineBook. 4th if you include the one snapped in half after the cat knocked my card reader off the desk.

The good news is I got them cheap. The bad news is I think I know why they were cheap, now.

PineBook Pro (+ & -) 


+I have successfully installed Manjaro on my 's eMMC.

-Any time I click the button to look for software updates or add/remove software I get logged out, both on my account and the root account.

+Typing sudo pacman -Sys in Terminal handled the one update I had, and sudo pacman -Syu [appname] installs software.

-App to adjust system settings randomly crashes, though.

-I'd try forcing a reinstall of crashing apps but I don't know their actual names.

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PineBook Pro (+) 

Waited a few days and pacman had some new updates for me to install. This seems to have been enough to fix the issue.

I suppose this is the good and the bad of using a distro that has updates so often. Bugs that make a computer next to unusable can frequently pop up, but just as frequently get fixed.

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PineBook Pro (+ & -) 


Me: I want to learn more about using linux based computers.

Also me: Not like this.

(But I did learn how to use pacman last night, so that is a pretty big plus.)

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