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Felt like sifting through what remains on the shelves of the local grocery store, might delete later.

My school system is running a digital film festival and several of my students have videos featured in the Middle School categories!

Voting is open to everyone, and anyone can vote once per category per day.

Please share. Voting ENDS on TUESDAY, April 14 at 11:59pm.

Because I can I made a :moxkobold: emoji. I'll likely turn it into a vinyl sticker with my Cricut cutter for my next club meeting, when I get to play Mox the kobold paladin.

(He found a pamphlet that allowed him to take a correspondence course on paladining.)

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Other than a small sticker on the bottom there is no visible branding on the @PINE64 PineBook Pro. All the stickers I add now will be for purely aesthetic reasons.

(Images: Three views of the unboxed PineBook, bottom, top, and open)

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Every time I meet I learn something new. She's in the Maker Space showing off paper circuits. Did not think about making them modular until now!

Can we take a moment to enjoy the marvel that is the Maker Space logo for ? Because it's glorious.

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The design on the wall/ceiling in the back of this auditorium is making me wonder what the max head room is.

Here for the keynote.

Sitting in the back, like a good Lutheran.

Or a good troublemaker.

Or both.

In an all day training for this neat little thing called a micro:bit.

Looks like I've gone and done it.

I'd call this an impulse purchase, but I've been seriously planning this since @djsundog started getting his shipping notices.

So long as @PINE64 doesn't ship in LATE December I'll have it in time to play with over Winter Break. Fingers crossed.


There were two settings for vinyl, but considering how cheap this 3rd party stuff was I was correct in assuming it was the thinner setting.

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