Rock64 not booting? 

Asking for money for my classroom 

... although I think I might have purchased the wrong size heat sink....

Made a light based theremin.

In retrospect, should not have made it during a different activity while an after market speaker was hooked up to my micro:bit.

Conferences (+) 

Conferences (+/-) 

More voxel models! My husband and I have decided on the two types of lanterns we want in the castle city. We really hope to present something great when he opens his Minetest server for the public. And yes, we did build various lanterns before we found the winners. :D

#minetest #lantern #voxel #3d #3dmodel #night #light #scenery #props #rpg #gamedev #box

Every time I meet I learn something new. She's in the Maker Space showing off paper circuits. Did not think about making them modular until now!

Can we take a moment to enjoy the marvel that is the Maker Space logo for ? Because it's glorious.

selfie, ec, dated pun 

selfie, ec, dated pun 

This is just me, but presenters who stand aside to show a video longer than a minute without pausing/stopping it just rub me the wrong way.

I can think of exceptions to that rule, surely, but most times it feels like they're using the video to give the presentation instead of them.

YouTube Link, EdTech, Self-Promotion 

Here for the keynote.

Sitting in the back, like a good Lutheran.

Or a good troublemaker.

Or both.

@dajbelshaw Agreed. It's interesting to see the flow of progress.

And then there's things like podcasting, which is "back," though it never actually went away.

I'm presenting at a local conference today. They'll want me to be using Twitter to talk about it, and to some extent I will, but I'll likely be more talkative here.

So heads up, if you don't want to deal with that, just mute the conference's hash tag:

Why are there not more coffee scented products in the world?

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