Moving this account 

I am going to use the "Move to a different account" feature to move to my current account, @crash.

I'm pinning this toot so as to hopefully mitigate confusion should anyone see they are following a username and avatar that they have not seen before.

Hopefully this won't break anything, as both accounts in question are admin accounts for this instance....

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Masto Admin question 

@mastohost @crash I think I'm going to attempt this. Will let you know if I've managed to break all the things.

Downloading an archive first, just in case.

This is just to confirm that @crash is, in fact, me.

I'm playing around with having a 2nd account on this instance.

instance blocks 

some new #fediblock candidates for your consideration, all sourced by showing up in a list of mentions in a hellthread full of instances already blocked, and all now blocked in the toot-lab:

live to block, block to live

Our #Minetest Android client had a short cameo in a Linus Tech Tips video today! As a "cheap Minecraft clone", we take pride in the community and engine we've built (even if it comes without RTX support 😉).

instance block 

@djsundog I continue to appreciate other people working on the front lines to discover these instances so that I don't ever have to worry about them ever.

Thank you for your service.

instance block 

new #fediblock from the toot-lab going out to due to the admin having an edgelord account

I also went so far as to block jasonl8446 on any other instance I saw, because yeah, nah.

Today I hooked a Raspberry Pi up to a $20 Thrift Store TV (Purchased before the lockdown, I assure you...) for the sole purpose of playing hours long videos of static cameras pointing at bird feeders.

It's the first time in over a month that I've managed to record a lesson for my students without having my cat interrupt me mid-recording.

When do people who work from home have time to be lazy?

Because today was our first day of real "Distance Learning," and I assure you that time was not in evidence.

Could it be that I was lied to?

LB: Woah I didn't think about it until just now but yeah, that's a mood.

Even introverts have their isolation limits.

I can't believe how much I miss going to the grocery store

I will admit to checking a calendar before posting the above toot.

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@Downes I'm sure they will, but until I adjust my legs have less kind things they wish to tell me.


I've been holding myself to using an under-the-desk cycling machine (purchased from a thrift store for $8 some time ago) for 30 min every day.

Every day is leg day.

I have regrets.

Good morning,

It's the first day of Spring Break and I spent all my spoons on an unexpected-but-needed-to-be-done assignment for an administrator whom I greatly respect.

I don't even have :blobcoffee: yet.

I should get some.

LBs: Boosting my other account because I don't know who needs to hear it but I am much less likely to wish pain on others than I was four years ago.

Not because I feel righteous and above others, but because I was brought low.

uspol, COVID-19, kind of a hot take based on personal experience, widower 

And based on the ones this vitriol is being directed towards, you know they're going to be stacked among the "haves" as opposed to the "have nots." Their experience with COVID-19 is less likely to kill them than it is to sap resources away from others who also need treatment.

Because 'murica.

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