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This seems like a good time for a PSA:

If in the future you see something on a public-facing webpage you want to make a durable record of for use as evidence, don't take a screenshot. Those are -- understandably -- widely considered too easy to fabricate.

Instead, snapshot the page with the Internet Archive. It'll log a timestamped copy of the page to their servers. Highly tamper-resistant. ("save page now", bottom-right)

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It's my understandiing that a lot of schools have been holding onto their Win7 images for dear life. Things are going to get interesting soon, and by that, I mean scary.

(I'm not as concerned for my own school, as we'll likely be converting computers too old for Win10 into Chromebooks.)

Microsoft 'Confirms' Windows 7 New Monthly Charge

The mathematician Marjorie Lee Browne, whose work focused on linear algebra and the properties of classical groups, was born #OTD in 1914. She was one of the first African-American women to earn a PhD in mathematics from a US university.

There's an interesting community project on here called #Trunk:

It's a list of people to follow on the #Fediverse, organised by category. You can follow people individually, or follow entire category lists.

You can add yourself to the list by sending a message to one of the site admins. Remember to include which category/categories you want to be listed in.

(via @eloisa )

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I just want to remind everyone that it wasn't the justified callouts and dunking that got wilw to leave Mastodon. It was the collateral damage. It was people causing the admins of so much stress through abuse of the report system that they had to /ask/ wilw to leave /for their sake/.

If you participated in that wave of reporting: congratulations, you abused another human being in order to get your way, regardless of whether what you wanted was a good thing.

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@noelle I hope you don't mind, I copy/pasted the instance blocks from for my new instance here.


Ah, that new instance smell!

OK, time to import all my settings from @theartguy.

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