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GRE scores are, surprise surprise, crap predictors of whether #physics students go on to complete their PhD:

3rd Saturday of auditions today. Lucky for me it's make-ups, so it should only be a 1/2 day or so.

Let's do this.

Have scientists made any progress on a cure for the summertime blues?

Is there an equivalent of Open Camera for iOS? I love this app but can't recommend it to my students with iPhones.

m.s, $ 

Eugen and I have come to an agreement on the fee he pays me for moderating m.s that (I believe) suits both of us. It doesn't pay all my bills, but then, I'm not working anywhere close to full-time.

TAG students were shown the "Caine's Arcade" video today.

They are very excited to plan their cardboard games.

How convenient that we've spent the last few months with lessons on circuitry and designing 3d structures out of 2d materials.

Now we get to do game design.

Important APT security update - please read the instructions to upgrade APT safely

For our Film Festival I made a video to show while people come in and find their seats that is the same cluttered no-one-hired-a-graphic-designer-for-this-job aesthetic that one sees before movies in actual theaters.

I think I nailed it, because I hate what I've created.

And it's done! All instances hosted by are now running v2.7.0

Any issues, please let me know.


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Quotes from last night's D&D Game 

PC1: "Can you call it 'skipping out' if you never intended to pay in the first place?"
DM: "It's not what you intended, it's if the other party expected you to pay."
PC2: "Oh, I never expected him to pay me back."
PC1: "Right, then it's all sorted, then."

"I will treasure this."
"It's not for you."

"Ari's a people person."
DM: "Roll for deception."
"No, he would ... hug ... people."

I have access to more traditional materials for silkscreening but this is a really neat alternative method that has me thinking about lessons where preserving the screen for future use is not a necessity.

Silk Screening/Printing Experiment | Art With Mr. E

Have seen at least 10 students auditioning for my school, and many auditioning for our sister schools.

I hope we can take them all. There is a lot of talent here but only so many seats for us to fill.

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Well, it's just past the middle of the month, which means that I could use a hand financially. If you can help out, either by giving or boosting, I'd appreciate it. ❤️

Middle School Auditions today.

Students that are not currently in my public school system's Creative & Performing Arts program are going to give it their all to get into it.

I get to be one of the adjudicators for the Media (digital) Arts Major.

No pressure.

finances, not about me 

That feeling when you want to set up a Patreon for the website and podcast you make not so you can be rewarded for your efforts but so you can hire your friends to do the things they do for fun anyway.

Related note: You should be throwing money at @noelle and because they're awesome and also freelancers.

Yesterday during my Middle School club I had not one but two students express interest in DMing.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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